How To Use LinkedIn To Find Personal Support Worker Jobs

LinkedIn is one of the leading websites in professional networking. Professional networking is essential for people with occupations in the professional world, including Personal Support Worker jobs. Remember, it’s not what you know – but who you know!

LinkedIn can help you convey your personal image to potential employers. You can meet and talk to other people with similar career interests, potential colleagues, and old classmates.


How do I sign up for LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has over 225 million professionals in over 200 countries all over the world. And over 7 million of these members are in Canada!

LinkedIn is free of charge for a basic membership. Simply go to and sign up for a basic account. You can start building your professional profile and look for PSW jobs right away.

Be sure to fill out your entire profile, and make it attractive before you start messaging potential employers. The first impression is everything when it comes to online social networking.

How do I get recommendations?

PSW jobs via LinkedIn

Just like building a resume on paper, recommendations are the key to getting hired. Especially in sensitive work directly with people such as Personal Support Worker jobs, a glowing recommendation can really make you stand out in the crowd.

Recommendations must be made by other LinkedIn users, so it’s important that your past employers also create profiles on the site. Colleagues and other associates are also able to give recommendations. These recommendations are then posted on your profile for future employers to view.

To request a recommendation, go to your profile and click to Edit Profile. There, you will see a Recommendations box.

How do I send potential employers a message? 
When you find interesting employers for Personal Support Worker jobs, you can send them a private message with LinkedIn’s inMail feature.

Don’t be timid! The opportunities and employers are on LinkedIn for a reason – they are interested in your interest. 

Put some thought into your message. The internet creates a disconnect between people, so you must overcome that with some sincerity and genuineness in your message. Show your personality a bit, make yourself memorable, but stay professional.

Get right to the point in your message. You are interested in the working as a Personal Suport Worker, so express specifically why you are qualified. You don’t need to give your whole resume or life story – just a few sentences to request more information.

Say what you have in common with the employer or the position, and avoid generalities. There are a few things everyone writes about when applying for PSW jobs – make sure you say what is necessary, but stand out as well.

Example message:

Hello, (their name).
I see that your agency currently operates in Ontario. I am especially interested in the work you do in group homes, as I have spent the last five years at a halfway house for pregnant teens. Hope to hear back from you so that we can discuss this potential partnership further.

(your name)
How do I search for and follow companies that hire PSW’s?
Enter “Personal Support Worker” or “PSW” into the LinkedIn search bar. On the left, notice the menu that includes “Companies,” “Jobs” and more. Keep browsing to find something interesting!
How do I connect with HR Managers?
When you find a company that hires PSW’s, the contact person for Human Resources is listed. Send them a confident, interested message, and voila! You’ve started social networking your way into a long, happy career!

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