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Nurse Practitioner Salary in Missouri: How Much Do They Make Per Hour?

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Due to the nationwide increase in healthcare demand, finding a job as a nurse practitioner in Missouri has become easier. The state has not readjusted the number of nursing graduates. Hence, nurses new to the industry are almost guaranteed a job right out of college.

Nurse practitioners are recognized as one of the four Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) roles in Missouri. An APRN role must meet the tough educational and clinical practice standards. In addition, it has to be serving a wider community. The recognition given to nurse practitioners in the healthcare field is fully reflected in the salary.

To become a nurse in Missouri, you will either complete a two-year diploma in a hospital or a college or attain a university degree (four-year program). Including the clinical practices, it takes a minimum of 27 months to obtain the title. 

Salaries vary drastically depending on the specialized role, city, and experience. Some hospitals provide more benefits and promotion opportunities.

Missouri Nurse Practitioner Starting Salary

For nurse practitioners fresh out of school, the average salary is $97,394 per year ($6,896 per month and $53 per hour). This salary range applies to nurse practitioners that have completed their clinical training and are fully licensed to work independently without supervision.

The starting salary takes a lot of factors into account, including but not limited to the reputation of the school/program, academic and clinical performance, funding of the institution, public health funding, cost of living, and demand of the specific field. In the following sections, you will find out more about how the above factors impact the salary.

Based on the nationwide average salary for nurse practitioners, Missouri ranks around the middle. Considering that Missouri is ranked the 12th most affordable state in the country, nurse practitioners are earning more comparatively. 


Missouri Nurse Practitioner Average Salary

Aside from the basic elements that determine your starting salary, there are plenty more that affect the nurse practitioner’s average salary over one’s career. The average salary is a general indicator for those considering a career in this field. For existing nurse practitioners, you should refer to your expected average salary according to the number of factors listed below.

Nurse practitioners make an average of $110,165 per year ($9,180 per month and $72.35 per hour). 


Missouri Nurse Practitioner Years of Experience Salary

Team of Young Specialist Doctors

Experience is the most important factor dictating the increment in salary for junior nurse practitioners. A nurse practitioner starting their career can make around $97,394 per year, which is $6,896 per month and $53 per hour.

In most public hospitals, nurse practitioners are given an expected schedule for salary rise based on their years of experience. The scale is adjusted each year, according to the inflation rate.

Similarly, private hospitals either offer a pay raise schedule or a  yearly contract to avoid discussion of a promotion. To complement the raise in salary, benefits are also improved as you gain more work experience and handle more tasks.

For the first three years, nurse practitioners can expect roughly a 15% to 20% rise in payment. The drastic pay raise comes with the significant amount of workload you will face during these initial years of your career.

You could be sent to a different department for a more specialized role suitable for your talent. As you take on more responsibilities on your shoulder, your salary increases.

By the 4th year in the industry, the average salary becomes $118,510 per year, which is $8,391 per month and $88.04 per hour. The period of the most drastic jump ends after you are familiarized with the advanced job duties. Then, your salary enters a stagnant period where it stays more or less the same over the years.

Senior nurse practitioners of 20 years will find themselves earning not much more than those with 10 years of experience. In Missouri, the salary of nurse practitioners is highly linked to the respective responsibilities they carry.

Once you have learned all the clinical skills, experience does not always reward more than performance. Nurse practitioners get more bonuses for exceptional performance than they get a pay raise.

The average salary for those with more than 10 years of experience is $120,874 per year, which is $8,558 per month and $89,97 per hour. At this point, nurse practitioners rely more on additional benefits such as remuneration, compensation, and bonuses to up their net income.

# of Years of ExperienceHourlyMonthlyYearly
Less than 1$53$6,896$97,394

Missouri Nurse Practitioner Practice Setting Salary

Institutions offer different salary packages due to the difference in job nature. In general, practice settings with shifts and unstable hours provide a higher salary range to compensate for the harsher work conditions and to attract talents. Institutions with more preferable hours often offer a lower salary to balance the competition.

Among all the options, outpatient facilities and hospitals usually pay the highest. Nurse practitioners face lots of unexpected situations that require their expertise. In practice settings like universities, the salary is usually less because the work is more desirable.

Nurse practitioners working in outpatient facilities usually get a yearly salary of $106,851 while those working in colleges and universities get around $94,000 per annum.

Practice Type SettingHourlyYearly
Outpatient Facilities$49.57$106,851
Doctor’s Offices$48.87$105,613
Other Healthcare Provider Offices$47.83$96,000 
Colleges and Universities$45.23$94,000

Missouri Nurse Practitioner Speciality Salary

Mental-Health Counseling

  • Missouri has a higher need for mental-health counseling nurse practitioners than most other states. As of 2021, more than 33% of adults in Missouri have shown mental-health-related symptoms that require medical attention, compared to the country’s 31% average.
  • These nurse practitioners are thoroughly trained for the mental health stream in college. They know the specific requirements to care for a patient’s mental needs as opposed to physical ones.
  • Work locations are scattered across schools, mental health facilities, hospitals, clinics, and more.
  • The average yearly salary is $130.892 and the hourly salary is $78.84.

Critical Care

  • Trained to handle emergencies such as patients in car accidents and attacks. They can assist in resuscitation and surgery if necessary.
  • They work in shifts and primarily in hospitals where 24-hour care is given to patients.
  • These nurse practitioners must work under pressure as they monitor the vitals of the patients in the unit and alert the doctor if a patient has become critically ill.
  • The average Missouri critical care nurse practitioners get $111,377 per year.


  • Pediatric nurse practitioners receive special training to take care of children’s mental and physical well-being as well as to assist the pediatrician in diagnosing the patient
  • Most pediatric nurse practitioners either work in hospitals or private clinics. Those working in clinics will likely have stable hours whereas the hospital pediatric nurse practitioners work in shifts.
  • The average salary for pediatric nurse practitioners is $111,772 per year or $56.88 per hour.

Family Nurse

  • Family nurse practitioners work continuously with the same family over the years to provide more intimate care for the patients.
  • Most family nurse practitioners work in private clinics. 
  • Aside from experience and skills, family nurse practitioners need to build a good relationship with the patients to retain them as long-term clients for the clinic.
  • There can be house calls out of work hours occasionally.
  • The average salary for family nurse practitioners is $125,989 per year or $58.08 per hour.

Missouri Nurse Practitioner Salary By City

Due to the difference in cost of living, demand, supply, specific medical needs in the region, and regulations, the salary range for nurse practitioners varies inside the state of Missouri. When negotiating your benefits, keep in mind the average salary in the city. 

Here are some of the average nurse practitioner salaries in different Missouri cities.

Poplar Bluff

  • Significantly higher pay than other Missouri cities
  • Majority of areas are family-oriented, leading to high demand for family nurse practitioners
  • Wealthy and safe city for families, children, and the elderly
  • Stable nurse practitioner supply with a low turnover rate in different institutions

Saint Charles

  • A high demand for French-speaking nurse practitioners due to the high volume of French Canadian residents
  • The metropolitan area is continuously expanding with more people moving in from other states for work or to settle, causing an increasing demand for general healthcare services
  • The average yearly and hourly nurse practitioner salaries are $213,445 and $159 respectively

Jefferson City

  • The capital of Missouri with one of the most vibrant medical landscapes in the state
  • Most specialized departments and medical experts are based here
  • The need for specialized nurse practitioners is higher than the rest of the state
  • More funding and resources are allocated to the capital


  • Located along the I-64, O’Fallon is a community with around 100,000 residents
  • Nearly 50% of families have at least one child below 18. Therefore, there is a high demand for pediatric nurse practitioners
  • The city is young with a slightly higher cost of living than the state’s average

Missouri Nurse Practitioner Compensation and Benefits

Doctors and Nurse

Nurse practitioners nationwide receive continuous professional training and evaluation to ensure the utmost high-standard service for patients. These training opportunities offer great chances for nurse practitioners to get promoted as well as to explore other possible work streams in the same arena.

Working as a healthcare professional, the benefits extend to family members. Most of the benefits and compensation nurse practitioners receive are non-salaried. Aside from the almost free healthcare support for yourself, nurse practitioners enjoy free or discounted healthcare plans for immediate family members.

Some private medical service providers will even offer child and education support depending on your position and experience. Senior nurse practitioners reap more benefits than junior members of the team. Overtime work and holiday shifts are fully compensated upon the agreed terms. Senior nurse practitioners can negotiate benefit packages that fit their needs.

In general, these non-direct monetary benefits account for almost $60,000 per nurse practitioner over the course of their career. Although the exact figure varies greatly from person to person, the large sum of compensation makes the position attractive for aspiring healthcare professionals.

In Missouri, most of the benefits are family-oriented as the state has a high level of households with children. If you have a family with young members or are planning to start one, most workplaces in Missouri offer generous packages to support their nurse practitioners.

Missouri Nurse Practitioner Salary Compared To Other Nursing Careers

Among the other nursing careers, nurse practitioners get paid the 2nd highest. The top-paying nursing career is the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), which pays around $145,187 yearly. There are several nursing careers that pay below nurse practitioners with the lowest-paying one being the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), which pays $37,326 per year.

These nursing career paths are mostly interchangeable through top-up training and gaining clinical hours. The salaries reflect the current demand, the difficulty in obtaining the respective license, the work condition, etc.

On average, nurse practitioners spend more hours obtaining their licenses. Hence, the restrictive barrier justifies the higher average salary.

OccupationAverage Yearly Salary
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)$145,187
Nurse Practitioner (NP)$110,165
Nursing School Professor/Educator$94,875 
Registered Nurse (RN)$82,126
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)/Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)$51,804
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)$37,326

Missouri Nurse Practitioner Salary Compared To Other Healthcare Careers

Nurse practitioners in Missouri make an average of $110,165 annually. The figure is lower than most other healthcare careers. The state of Missouri limits the number of healthcare professionals entering the industry each year. Most of these higher-paying healthcare professions face tougher entry requirements than nurse practitioners.

Podiatrists get paid the highest in Missouri with an average annual salary of $205,346. This is followed by dentists with a $178,388 annual salary. In this group, physical therapists get paid the lowest with a $79,050 yearly salary. Speech therapists get paid slightly higher at $82,990 per annum. 

When looking at these figures, you should also consider the time and effort required to be a practicing professional in these fields. The higher-paying occupations often require more years at school, higher tuition fees, and more clinical hours before they are recognized as fully licensed.

The investment they pay is drastically larger. Thus, their salaries reflect the cost they put in to be licensed healthcare professionals.

That being said, the lower-paying occupations also require serious schooling and undergo restrictive screening before they are licensed. The difference in salaries also depends on the demand, regulations, resources available, and state support of the career.

OccupationAverage Annual Salary
Nurse Practitioner (NP)$110,165
Occupational Therapist (OT)$88,920
Speech Therapist$82,990
Physical Therapist (PT)$79,050 

Number of Nurse Practitioners in Missouri

Currently, there are 4,720 Nurse Practitioners registered in the state of Missouri 

Missouri Nurse Practitioner Salary Compared Nationwide

In Missouri, the average nurse practitioner salary is $110,165 per annum whereas the nationwide average is $118,040 per annum. The average salary is about 9% lower than the country’s average.

Since Missouri is among the cheapest state to live in, the 9% does not lead to a drop in living standards. Quite the contrary, the difference in cost of living is bigger than the difference in average salaries at 15%. Therefore, the actual net income nurse practitioners pocket is greater.

Some parts of the United States are famous for medical tourism or significantly wealthier. Healthcare professionals get paid drastically higher in these places. The country’s average may not accurately reflect the median because of these extreme outliers.

Top Five Paid Missouri Nurse Practitioners

Asian medical doctor take care and explain senior elderly woman female patient on wheelchair with tablet.
Asian medical doctor take care and explain senior elderly woman female patient on wheelchair with tablet.

Similar to most other states, mental-health-related fields pay the highest as these nurse practitioners have to undergo a separate stream at school to qualify to work in the psychiatric department. 

Mental-health counseling nurse practitioners get paid a yearly salary of $130,892. The second-highest in the state is family nurse practitioners with an average of $125,989. Then, pediatric nurse practitioners come third at $111,772. In fourth place are the critical care nurse practitioners with $111,377. Finally, the behavioral care nurse practitioners come a close fifth with $111,126.

The difference between the top 5 in Missouri cannot be considered significant. All of these specialized fields require years of additional training. The higher-than-average salaries are fully justified to compensate for their effort and contribution in the specialized healthcare field. Talents are well rewarded in Missouri as shown in their salaries.

RankNurse Practitioner SpecialtyYearly
1Mental-Health Counseling$130,892
2Family Nurse$125,989
3Pediatric Nurse Practitioner$111,772
4Critical Care$111,377
5Behavioral Care$111,126

Top Five Paid Cities For Missouri Nurse Practitioners

All of the top-paying cities in Missouri are family-oriented. The majority of households either have children under 18 or older family members over 65. These groups of people typically need more medical attention and specialized care.

The highest-paying city is Poplar Bluff, which has an average yearly salary of $214,883. This reflects the high demand for nurse practitioners in these wealthier areas in Missouri. In the capital, Jefferson City, most people venture to the state capital for niche medical purposes. Fresh and specialized nurse practitioners can horn their skills at the various institutions there.

Cities with more specialized nurse practitioners will have a higher average salary because specialized workers get paid more. Therefore, you should consider the number of specialized workers compared to your chosen specialty when negotiating for benefits.

RankCityAverage Yearly Salary
1Poplar Bluff$214,883
2Saint Charles$213,445
3Jefferson City $125,872
5Kansas City$117,469

Missouri Nurse Practitioner Future

Currently, the medical sector in Missouri is ranked 8th-worst in the country. There is a severe shortage of medical professionals. Seeing the urban expansion and the severity of modern contagious diseases, the demand for nurse practitioners will only increase in the future.

Recently, the state has been trying to introduce more talents and retain healthcare workers by increasing salaries and benefits. There is still a big catch-up to do for the state to fulfill the expectations.

It is expected that in the future, the demand for nurse practitioners will continue to rise with more private healthcare institutions emerging. If the state does not introduce measures to meet the demand, private corporations will likely seize the lucrative opportunity to dominate the healthcare industry.

The salaries will improve. Talents may come from out of state to feed into the higher salaries and the lower cost of living. Since COVID-19, there are more specialized fields relating to home care and acute care. For future nurse practitioners, it is a good time to get into the healthcare field as it is now booming.


Missouri’s respect for healthcare workers is fully reflected in their high salaries compared to the cost of living. Despite being the 12th-most affordable state to live in, nurse practitioners’ salary in Missouri is only slightly below the country’s average.

As the demand for nurse practitioners grows exponentially, the reward for practicing in this midwestern state is higher than ever. Missouri could be the place to start your nursing career or to change your profession.

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