How to Use to Find PSW Jobs is the web address for the Working in Canada website. Run by the Canadian government, Working in Canada is a free job finding service website that allow users to view occupational and career information and to search through the approximately 60,000 available job postings for the perfect job for them.

You may visit It is however recommended that you read the entire article first, to learn how to properly utilize this website.

Working in Canada is unique because it pulls relevant Personal Support Worker job listings from a number of sources, including, Workopolis and Monster, making it a one-stop shop for serious employment seekers.

Furthermore, Working in Canada provides a wealth of career and industry information so job seekers can find jobs based on factors such as job outlook and wages.

For busy job seekers who have enough on their plates already, Working in Canada makes finding a job easy.


Searching for PSW Jobs on the Working in Canada website could not be easier. Follow the following steps to start your job search:

  • Type into your browser’s address bar or click here to go to the website’s main page.
  • To do a basic search, type “personal support worker” in the box underneath “Job and/or Location” and click “search.” This will provide you with a list of relevant search results to browse through.
Searching PSW Jobs at
Searching PSW Jobs at
  • For a more advanced search, click on “More Search Options” underneath the job search box on the main page. From this page, you can search for a specific job number or narrow your search by selecting a certain criteria such as full-time or part-time employment.

You can also choose to search for permanent or temporary positions. After you have selected your choices, click the “Search” button at the bottom of the page to view your search results.

  • You can also click on “view all jobs” under the job search box on the main page to view all the jobs available on the website.


This website not only lets you find Personal Support Worker positions, but also has an “Explore Careers” section that allows you to explore careers according to the occupation, education degree, wages, future outlook, or skills and knowledge required for the job.

Exploring career options on
Exploring career options on

This is a great resource for PSW’s who wish to further their education in healthcare or any other area. Follow the steps listed below to explore more:

  • From the main Working in Canada page, find the “Explore Careers” box to the right side of the screen.
    Click on the search method you prefer: occupation, education degree, wages, outlooks, or skills & knowledge.
  • If you choose to search by occupation, type “personal support worker” in for the name of the occupation and “Ontario” in for the city or postal code and click the “search” button. On the next page, you will be asked to specify which part of Ontario you prefer. Hit “view report” and you will see a list of available jobs.
  • If you want to search by education process, wages or outlook, you will follow the same process. If you want to search by skills and knowledge, you will check boxes for your individual skills and knowledge areas instead of typing information into the boxes.
  • From the results list, you can see the date posted, job title, employer, location and source for each of the job listings. You can also click on the wages, outlook, and education & job requirements tabs to find more information about the career.


Searching for a position you like is one thing and applying for it is different. When applying for any PSW Job posting listed on the website, make sure to apply using the manner instructed.

  • From the search results list, click on the job title of any PSW job listing. This will bring you to a page of information about the job.
  • Towards the bottom of the page, the listing will tell you how or where to apply. Various listings may require you to apply by email, fax, mail, online or in person.


Constantly checking the Working in Canada website for new personal support worker job postings can quickly become tiring. Plus, you have better things to do than spend all day hitting refresh, waiting for a new job to pop up.

Job Alerts is a free service that alerts you of new job postings, saving you the effort of continually checking. When you sign up for personal support worker job alerts, you will receive twice daily emails notifying you of any new jobs that have been posted.

Subscribe to PSW job alerts on
Subscribe to PSW job alerts on

Follow the steps below to set up a PSW Job alert on this website:

  • From the main Working in Canada page, click the “Subscribe to Job Alerts” link.
  • Type “personal support worker” in the job title box and then fill in the city you would like to work in and your email address. Hit the “subscribe” button.
  • The website will send you an activation email. Log into your email account, open the email and click the “confirm” button. Be sure to do this within two hours, or the link will expire and you will have to sign up for Job Alerts again.
  • While you are in your email account, add [email protected] to your safe senders list to ensure your alerts will be delivered to your inbox. Otherwise, be sure to check your junk mail folder periodically.

Finding the right personal support worker job is stressful enough without having to spend all day searching through multiple job listing sites, waiting for the right job to pop up. Working in Canada makes job searching easy by compiling all available jobs in one easy to use location.

Good luck!

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