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We love guest posts at as long as the content is unique, well written, complies with our policy and above all, provides value to our readers.

The Content

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We want our readers to have access to content that is useful in one way or the other. Our readers want articles that they can act upon and provide significant benefit to them.

That being said, make sure the content is not duplicate. Make sure the content is not generated by spinning the original article. It has to be unique.

Submitting articles with spammy content is not worth the time. We check all the guest posts against repetitive/duplicate content and will publish the articles that provides value to our readers.

We also want the content to be clear and grammatically correct. Articles on our website may not be perfect and may have occasional typos, but we invest extra time and effort to make our articles as good as they can possibly be.

On an average, articles on are typically 1000 to 1500 words in length and we want out guest articles to be the same.

Be Relevant

We aim to cover topics that solves the problems and challenges faced by Personal Support Workers in Ontario.

If you are writing about PSW jobs, salary, where they can work, how and where can they look for jobs or how they can pursue further education, pswhq might be a good fit for your article.

Links in the Article

We allow as many links in the article as long as they benefit our readers and help educate them.

At the same time, if you think that the topic has been discussed in better detail somewhere else, instead of reiterating the same information, provide a link to that website where it has already been covered.

Press Releases

We do not accept press releases here at However, you are welcome to link to one in a guest article that you may want to post on our website.

The Next Step

Email us via the contact form or send an email at [email protected] and let us know what you intend to write about. You are welcome to attach the guest article in the email as well.

You may also link to a article or two that you have previously written. reserves the right to amend the guest post policy at any time.