Registration Now Open: The Government Funded PSW Program – PART 2

So the wait is over. 

Registration for the much-awaited Ontario Government-funded accelerated personal support Worker program is now open!. 

You can also refer to the Ontario Colleges website for any updates. 

Please do note that the funds for taking the personal support Worker program will be directly disbursed to the College.

You will not be receiving any funds from the Government but will be paid for the placement portion of the program.

Mode of Delivery

All the colleges will be offering the personal support Worker program on a full-time basis. 

The theory component of the personal support Worker program may be delivered in-class or online, depending upon the course structure and provincial guidelines around COVID-19. 

Do note that labs and field work placement will be in-person. 

Staggered Start

The start of this funded PSW program is being staggered over the months of April, May, and June.

The personal support Worker programs will begin on the following dates:

  • April 05, 2021
  • May 10, 2021, and 
  • June 14, 2021

Ensure that you check the start date of the program you’re applying to.  

List of Colleges Offering the Tuition-Free PSW Program

Here is a list of all the Colleges that are offering the accelerated PSW programs:

(Please note that this list is constantly being updated as more information becomes available)

All accelerated PSW programs are offered on a full-time basis. 

[table id=78 /]

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements may vary from one college to the other.

Apart from some specific requirements that a particular college may require, some of the common admission requirements for the accelerated PSW program are:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status if you’re 19 years of age or older. 
  • English Grade 12 C or U, or equivalent 
  • Mature student

Mature Students Status

Mature student status may apply to eligible students who:

  • Do not have a high school diploma or GED, or 
  • Are over the age of 19.

It is a special status granted to those who wish to pursue a college education but have not completed high school. 

Your skills and past experience are taken into consideration.

If you have completed high school a long time ago, you’re considered a high school graduate. 

In this case, you’ll not be considered a mature student. 

If you are a mature student, you may have to go under some sort of admission testing conducted by the college where you have applied.

Field Placement Requirements

While the admission requirements may vary from one College to the other, work placements are almost the same across all Colleges.

Do note that some Colleges may require you to complete additional clinical placement requirements. 

You will not have to fulfill the following requirements prior to admission into the personal support Worker program however they are required prior to the start of your field placement:

  • A recent police check, with vulnerable sector screening,
  • Immunization record,
  • First Aid and CPR (HCP-Healthcare Provider level), and
  • Mask fit testing.

Resident Status

The tuition-free PSW program is for Canadian permanent residents and Canadian citizens only.

Some colleges, such as St. Lawrence College in Cornwall is offering admission to international students. 

However, do note that international students will not receive any Government financial support associated with the personal support worker program. 

In addition, international students will not be paid for the field placement.

International Students

Some colleges, such as Centennial College, are accepting international students. 

However, do note that for international students, the program cost will not be covered.

In addition, you will not be paid for the practicum part of the personal support worker program. 

Application Fee

There is a non-refundable application fee of $95.00 to apply through Ontario Colleges.

You can apply to 5 different or same programs at different start dates in one application. 

There may be an additional $5 fee for requesting transcripts from other educational institutions and processing the request for a transcript.

Other Costs

Besides the application fee, there may be some additional cost to obtain certain documents required for the field placement such as the police clearance/vulnerable sector check.

Registration Questions 

If you have any questions about anything to do with applying to a particular college, it is best to get in touch with Ontario Colleges. 

There are very easy to reach and very helpful. 

Here is how you can contact them:

Office Hours
Monday to Friday
8:30 am – 4:30 pm ET

Live Chat Hours
Monday to Thursday
8:30 am – 7 pm ET
8:30 am – 4:30 pm ET

Toll-free in Canada: 1.888.892.2228

Click here to chat live with someone at Ontario Colleges. 

Once you click on the above link, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the “Chat Now” button.

Your Admission Offer

All the applications are reviewed by the college where you have applied.

The college makes the final decision on admission. 

Once the college has reviewed your application, you may either be:

  • Granted admission, 
  • Waitlisted, or
  • Declined admission.

The decision on your application will be posted to your account with the Ontario College application center under “offers” on the home screen.

Keep in mind to check your account regularly to see the status of your application. 

Contacting the College

If you have any questions regarding the status of your application or you want to contact the college for any reason related to your admission, you can contact the admissions department of the college you have applied to. 

Here is a list of contacts to the admission departments of all the colleges that offer the accelerated PSW training program

[table id=79 /]

How to Register/Apply for the Program

Applications for the accelerated PSW training program at any of the Colleges will have to be completed through the Ontario Colleges Application Centre.

If you don’t have one, you will have to create an account on the Ontario Colleges website. 

Once you have set up an account, you will be able to search for the accelerated PSW programs.

Very Important

There will be many PSW courses listed on the Ontario Colleges website. 


they may not qualify for Government funding. 

When you search for the funded Government PSW program, make sure that you type the following in the personal support worker program search bar:

PSW accelerated

You can then proceed to select the personal support worker program you wish to apply to.


you can click on the link below to go to the list of fully funded PSW programs:

Click here to apply to the tuition-free accelerated PSW Program. 

Resources you’ll need to become a Personal Support Worker

On this page, you can find anything there is to know about how to become a personal support worker, how to succeed as one, and how to continue your education. This is the place to come to and look for all the PSW resources and information that you may need on your journey as a Personal Support Worker.

PSW job interview questions

If you’re determined to pass your next PSW interview with flying colors, we’re here to help. PSWHQ have put together a thorough online guide with PSW interview questions and appropriate sample answers to these questions that hit the target, and are concise and supportive.

Performing well in the interview is just one part of many others needed to secure a PSW Job. First and foremost, you’ll need to have an impeccable résumé and cover letter in order to be called for an interview. 

Guide to finding PSW jobs

After you have decided to become a Personal Support Worker and completed the course you are now at a point to start looking for work. It is important that you explore all the jobs listed under different job titles, which is why you should go through our ultimate guide to finding PSW jobs.

We also help you find PSW job postings from hospitals, long-term care homes, and community and private settings. 

Advertising with PSWHQ

Over the past few years, PSWHQ has achieved a dominant ranking in major search engines such as Google and Bing. As a result, we offer a limited number of advertising opportunities to individuals, colleges, companies, and organizations we see as a good fit for the unique audience of PSWHQ.


1. Is the Ontario Government paying for PSW course?

Yes, the Ontario government is providing a free six-month PSW program to help you start on your career path. In order to provide health care in community settings or long-term care facilities, you must first obtain your license. If you’ve been debating whether or not to return to school, but have always believed that working as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) would be rewarding, this program is for you.

2. Is PSW a good job in Canada?

In our experience dealing with PSW students, we’ve found that there are typically a couple of significant reasons why people choose this profession. First and foremost, there is a great demand for PSWs in Ontario and throughout most of Canada. A career in health care is a fantastic choice if you are seeking a secure and steady job.

3. Is being a PSW worth it?

Being a PSW is worth it because they are able to help people who are going through difficult times. They also get some form of compensation for the work that they do which can be very rewarding, and finally, being a PSW allows them to follow their passion for helping others.

4. What is PSW in Canada?

Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are what are known as unregulated health care professionals in the health care industry. In simple terms, this means that there is no regulating body that sets criteria for the skills and knowledge required to practice medicine. As a result, the abilities, accreditation, and supervision of personal support workers (PSWs) might differ significantly across Canada.

5. What do you know about Ontario challenge to identify and train PSW?

According to the findings of the survey, many public service workers were quitting the industry because they were overworked, underpaid, burned out, or wounded. A $4.1 million initiative to recruit and train 373 new personal support workers (PSWs) across Ontario was launched today by the ministers of long-term care and labour, training, and skills development.

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You can also leave a comment if you have already applied and would like to share something that can help others.

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    • i already applied for psw challenge fund.
      but im just wondering if i can still take the loan given by the osap and be able to work 8hrs a day 5 x a week..
      if i take the loan is my course still free

      • Kenneth…many factors come into play when it comes to OSAP funding, your income is one of them. You’ll have to check with OSAP to see if you qualify. They also have a loan estimator which you can use to see how much funding you can potentially get.

    • Helen…this particular PSW program is for Canadian permanent residents and Canadian citizens only.
      There may be other programs that you may be eligible to take as an international student.
      It is best for you to seek advice from an educational/immigration consultant who can help explore your options.

  1. I live in cornwall, Ontario. I want to register for the government funded psw course as soon as possible. I want to apply with St.Lawrence College, Cornwall. Can you tell me if this college is ready to accept applications yet. And if so how do I Apply? Thank you.

    • Shirley…the St. Lawrence college is not listed on the Ontario colleges as one of the providers of the accelerated PSW program. However, colleges are still being added to the list.
      I’m constantly updating the above article with new updates as and when they are released. So keep watching this space for further updates.

        • Adrianne…the Federal Government funded program was restructured and is called the Supportive Care Assistant program. You can click here to find out further details about this program.

    • Hi Shirley…just to follow up with your question.
      St. Lawrence College in Cornwall is accepting applications now. There is a May and June intake available.
      You can click on the link in the article above which will lead you to the Ontario College application center where you can complete your application.
      Let me know if you need any further assistance.
      All the best.

  2. I applied on March 2nd for the accelerated PSW program. The college I chose is Centennial at Morningside. I am a mature student. How do I get the grade 12 C for English and Math.

    • Juanita…as a mature student you may be required to undergo admission testing conducted by Centennial College. It is best that you contact the admissions department to inquire about this.
      Centennial admissions department can be reached at 1 800 268 4419 or via email at [email protected].

        • Juanita…it is not certain yet however, the theory component of the Centennial College accelerated PSW program may be offered online. Please note that in-class labs will be held at the Morningside campus.

          • I live in Markham. If I apply to the Peterborough course, do I have to attend Peterborough? Or can I sign up and take classes online? and attend Labs at the Morning side campus?

      • To make sure the accelerated PSW program I registered is the Government funded program?

    • June…Any Canadian Permanent resident or a Canadian citizen can apply to the program. However do note that there are 2 components of the program, theory, and practicum. Some colleges may be offering the theory component online but the practicum is completed in person and placements will be in the vicinity of the college where one is registered.
      Therefore, it will require you to travel to Ontario to complete the practicum.

  3. Is there a difference between the programs PSWA and PSWB? Does it matter which one you choose on your application?

    • Sharon…”PSWA” and “PSWB” are the program codes associated with a particular PSW program based on the start dates.
      So for registration, when you choose a program, make sure you choose the one that corresponds to the start date you’d like.
      Hope this helps.

  4. PSW 6 months program does the gov’t not realize a lot of us don’t have the money to pay $ 95 admissions fees, vulnerable sector screening cost $66 or any other costs for immunization shots that are not covered under OHIP, blood work done see if you have immunity to these shots may be other additional cost, cost of uniform and shoes etc.. Course programs mention free tuition/ books and paid training for last 3 months what about living expenses for first 3 months. Right know I am unemployment insurance if you take training / courses of any kind more than 10 hours week you are cut off. I don’t have the option to get student loans I am already in debt. Lost of us pay mortgages, rent, condo fees, property taxes and other bills to pay, food. I applied for 300 students through Willis College PSW program I was accepted but could not get guarantee for living expenses if my unemployment was cut off so I had to withdraw from program which was frustrating on my part wasted 2 months of my time and college time. I even sent email to my provincial riding and federal riding Ottawa – Vanier sector with no help or assistance what so ever. Great offering this but lot of us need living expenses to pay our bills while going to school great opportunity to many loop holes a lot people should be aware of. Does this program cover living expenses ? if so how much per month? if not you the Colleges / Gov’t should state that upfront . You have to be aware not everyone has parents or relative that can support students going to school and we are mature adults been independent working in other jobs. I was laid off my job due to COVID in hospitality / catering business since March 2020 been looking for work no luck. I thought this would be great opportunity to get in new field / job that you are actually helping people. I don’t want to go through what I did with Willis College waste my time if I am not guaranteed living expenses no way I could proceed. That all I want to say. Maybe you should inform out gov’t about this I am not only one out there is this situation. Thank you for taking the time to read this hope it is helpful to you or anyone.

  5. Is this online program ? I live in barrie and none of these colleges are near me . Is georgian college going to be added to the list of colleges ??

    • Caitlin…Colleges are still being added to the list. Keep an eye on this article as updates are being made as and when more information becomes available.

    • Caitlin…Georgian College will be offering the accelerated funded PSW program. Classes will most likely be online with in-person practical experience. Laboratory classes and practicum will be completed at the college and various care settings.
      The applications will open soon.

  6. Does St. Lawrence College in Brockville offer online? I work part-time midnights right now too help pay bills.

    • Lynn…We are not sure about the mode of delivery yet however, most likely the theory component of the program will be delivered online considering the provincial COVID-19 restrictions.
      The labs including the field placement will be in-person.

  7. Is it possible to enroll even if I already have psw certificate. My concern is to update skills and knowledge and get a full time hours

    • Hi Maria…you can enroll in the program if you qualify however it appears to be counterintuitive that earning a “new” PSW diploma will enhance your chances of obtaining full-time employment.
      In the end, you’ll have a diploma that you already have! Having said that, you can be the best judge and make a prudent choice for yourself.

  8. Question…what is the “catch”? Are we signed into a contract with a specific company post graduation for a specific time period? At what pay rate?

    • Trisha…the accelerated PSW program is structured by the community colleges and can vary from one college to the other. So to answer your question, it is best to check with the college where you have applied or planning to apply.

  9. To MC

    I think if the government is offering us this tuition free and accelerated course, the least we can do is the leg work to get the necessary documents, immunizations, licenses, CPR and be focused and ready. Why should the province pay for everything when in fact the CRB pays $1800.00 per month. To syphon a few bucks from that to pay for our application and a police check is the least and should not warrant a complaint from anyone. I am grateful for the opportunity because I lost everything and my business due to Covid as well but I look forward to this program. Not only will it give me the skills to make a difference where it is needed, but an opportunity to learn something new. Health care knowledge is priceless and prestigious plus we are getting it FREE. The knowledge we would inherit from such a program will not only put us in a position to earn decent pay, but put us on a path to grow and maybe a bridging program to RPN et., Its just a start but its an honest start to learn and earn.

    I don’t expect someone to wipe my butt when in fact they have supplied the paper. You are instilling fear, doubt and suspicion into thoughts of those who are now hopeful and on a mission to make it work no matter what. You will still need living expenses if not in any program or job.

    This site and administrator has been first and the foremost best site to supply the information clearly and basically did all the research to help us. Gave links to make the process easy, seamless and crystal clear for those of us who may not be as savvy in research. It was more informative and alerted us in a timely manner ever faster than any government site. Lets be grateful and get on with our journey to PSW. So many vulnerable people need us right now. Lets band together and give positive notes to help others get into the program and not deter others or raise eyebrows. I applied and once a month I will get the 6 things that are required to start work 6+ months later. Plus, when you know you will make a valuable contribution and the earning potential.

    $250.00 over 6 months won’t break you. T

    • Hi there…thank you for sharing your thoughts on the program and words of encouragement for me here at PSWHQ.
      As you have mentioned, the program is free and pays for the practicum which begins 3 months into the program, there may be some incidental costs you may have to bear.
      Some of these costs could be to obtain documents for your clinical clearance.

      Our healthcare system is under great stress and has many chronic issues. PSWs are underpaid, need stable working hours, and more importantly the respect, that they rightfully deserve.
      While this program is clearly not enough to address certain issues, it is certainly a great step in the right direction.
      We hope the Government will continue to further realize the critical role of PSWs in our healthcare system and introduce further measures to safeguard this wonderful profession.

  10. People should be advised that applicants outside of Ontario are not eligible for the Ontario Government funded accelerated PSW course. I know because I applied via Sault College and was declined because I’m out of province. I was even declined to take the accelerated PSW course without the funding.

  11. Please am trying to register for the program at humber college for June opening cant get through

    • Opeyemi…Registration for the April and May starts with Humber College is now closed however the June start is still available.

  12. How will i know if im not on a waiting list anymore and that i am accepted? I really want to be in this course before it isnt funded anymore

    • Heidi…If a college has made you an offer of admission, it will be posted in your “Ontario Colleges” (where you completed your initial application) account under “Offers”. Check regularly to see if an offer has come in. If you have been declined admission or are on the waiting list, you will have to check directly with the admissions department of the college where you applied.

    • I paid 95 dollars for the centennial college Morning Side. I applied as a matured student and they did not let me know about the assessment and now April, May and June are closed.
      Seneca College closed too for admission. What can I do?

  13. Do you think they may extend more funding into the fall semester? Or will these dates be the end of tuition free program? Thanks

    • Caroline…please click on the link in the article above to visit the Ontario Colleges website and see if the accelerated PSW program is available for June.

    • Heidi…there may be additional Government-funded PSW programs in the future. We will post the details on our website as new details become available.

    • Fatma…please refer to the link in the article above. It will direct you to the Ontario Colleges website where you can apply for the program.

  14. I would like to know what are the next dates for this to happen again.
    I didnt realize/check that it was only April/May/June intakes. I was hoping for a September or January intake as well.

    Will there be any more intakes for this.? Because I really want to do it and help people.

  15. I am a female ugandan national and i would like to be trained in the PSW program. Can you help me benefit?

  16. Hi, if we turn out to be unable to complete the program, will we have to pay tuition fees back to the government?

  17. Hello, I would like to do the PSW course online as soon as possible. I live in Renfrew ont. I am trying to get the government to help me pay for it. You can contact me at [email protected].
    Thank you
    Brittney Wolfe

  18. I would love to do this course but I work full-time and it will most likely be difficult. At 46 I finally decided I needed a change from my dead end job. If there is anyway to work around doing the course while working full-time please let me know.
    Thank you to all the amazing frontline workers who worked tirelessly for the past year and still continue to. Great job.

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