How Much Do Registered Nurses Make in Georgia? – Salary Explained

The average annual pay for a registered nurse in Georgia is $68,950, which is far below the national average of $75,510. In order to recruit new talent, employers across the state have offered higher compensation.

RN employment in Georgia will grow by 9.13 percent during the next five years, especially in Atlanta, Augusta, and Savannah. The following detailed information about RN salaries in Georgia will assist you in making better career options.

How Many Registered Nurses are Currently Employed in GA?

According to “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,” there are currently 141,000 Registered Nurses in the state.

Salary of an RN in Georgia

Starting Salary

No matter where you work or what specialization you pick, as a licensed RN in Georgia, you will earn less than your more experienced competitors. In Georgia, the typical starting RN income is $53,075 per year, or $25.52 per hour.

TypeAverage Salary

Average Salary

The average RN income in Georgia is $68,950 per year, or $33.15 per hour, regardless of experience, education, region, specialization, or company. With each passing year, your average wage is predicted to climb as well.

TypeAverage Salary

Estimated Total Annual Compensation

Other perks, such as insurance, paid time off, and retirement contributions (among others), total $28,070 per year, bringing your total compensation as an RN in Georgia to $97,020 per year.

Paid Leave$6,798
Supplemental Pay$3,108
Retirement and Savings$3,690
Legally Required$7,283
Total Benefits$28,070
Average Annual Salary$68,950
Total Compensation$97,020

Wage Estimates of all RN workers & Factors

Some registered nurses make less money than others. The median annual salary for registered nurses is $56,900 to $79,610. You can make less than $49,250 as a licensed RN working in a rural area. You can earn over $92,000 per year if you have over 20 years of experience and work in major regions like Atlanta or Augusta.

Salary Trend (2013-2018)

In Georgia, the average yearly income for a nurse is $68,950, up 10.59 percent in the last five years. This is due to businesses’ desire to ease Georgia’s nursing shortage by attracting more nurses to the state. The average annual pay in 2013 was $61,630, but by 2018 it had risen to $68,950, a difference of $7,320.

Salary Projection (2018-2023)

Expenses of living and employers’ attempts to compensate will drive up the average registered nurse wage in Georgia by 11.28 percent over the next five years. The average wage in 2018 was $68,950, but by 2023, it will have risen to $76,730. The state’s aim to attract new talent from other states will also be a driving force.

BSN Degree Holder vs. ADN Degree Holder – Who earns More

Of the added skills and information that a BSN-educated RN may offer, you will earn more in Georgia as a BSN-educated RN. In fact, you’ll earn $5,930 more in Georgia than RNs with ADN degrees.

Georgia RN vs. National RN

The average yearly income for registered nurses in Georgia is much lower than the national average. They projected this to alter in the future years as companies try to address the rising nursing shortage.

RN Salary vs. All Nursing Occupations in GA

– Nursing Assistant

As of November 29, 2021, the average Nursing Assistant income in Georgia is $32,356, while the range falls between $29,488 and $35,727.

– Licensed Practical Nurse

The average Licensed Practical Nurse income, as of November 29,2021, in Georgia was $48,140, while the range is between $43,714 and $53,549.

– Nursing Instructor

Nursing Instructor salaries in Atlanta, GA, range from $82,050 to $102,090, as of November 29, 2021.

– Nurse Midwife

The average Certified Nurse Midwife income is $110,722, with a salary range of $101,809 to $125,510.

– Nurse Practitioner

Georgia’s average Nurse Practitioner salary is $110,401 as of November 29, 2021, but the range typically falls between $102,443 and $119,932.

– Nurse Anesthetist

The average salary for a nurse anesthetist in Atlanta, Georgia, is $190,433, with a range of $174,997 to $207,761.

Overall, compensation ranges might vary significantly based on the city and several other crucial aspects, such as schooling, certifications, supplementary talents, and the number of years you’ve worked in your field.

RN Employment & Pay in Different Healthcare Facilities of GA

After you get your license, the best chance you’ll have of landing a position is in a local hospital. Registered nurses in Georgia are primarily employed by hospitals, and they also earn the highest pay, which is $34.13 per hour or $70,980 per year. The average salary for nursing care workers in Georgia is $61,520.

IndustryEmploymentHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
Physician’s Offices5,140$29.76$61,900
Home Health Care4,700$31.54$65,610
Nursing Care Facilities3,980$29.58$61,520
Outpatient Care Centers3,680$34.78$72,350

Registered Nurse Salary in 10 Major Cities of GA

– Atlanta

In Atlanta, GA, an RN can expect to earn an average annual salary of $73,190. There are almost 41,000 registered nurses between Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and Roswell. Emory University Hospital, Egleston Hospital, and Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital are among the city’s largest employers of registered nurses.

Atlanta is home to a huge number of nursing homes, outpatient clinics, and physician offices throughout the state.

– Augusta

The Children’s Hospital of Georgia, University Hospital, JMS Burn Center, and the Georgia Cancer Center are among Augusta’s major employers. In total, 6,960 registered nurses work in Augusta, Georgia. The average annual pay for RNs working in and around Augusta is $69,000.

– Columbus

In Columbus, there are 2,350 registered nurses, with an average annual salary of $61,230. The major employer of registered nurses in the area is Piedmont Regional Hospital, which is followed by Northside Medical Center and the Emergency Room. Some RNs work in nursing homes, doctors’ offices, and schools, while others work in home health.

– Macon

There are 2,840 registered nurses in Macon, GA, who work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, long-term care institutions, schools, and other settings. They make an average of $65,140 each year. Hospitals pay the best, and they also employ most RNs in the city.

– Savannah

Savannah has 3,700 registered nurses to serve its 146,444 residents. The average annual RN income is $61,930, with a salary range of $44,200 to $78,960 per year. Select Specialty Hospital, The Heart Hospital at St. Joseph’s/Candler, and the Old Candler Hospital are three of the city’s largest and most well-known employers.

– Athens

The 1,910 registered nurses in Athens and Clarke County earn an average annual salary of $67,310. Some people make $52,340 a year, while others make $87,960. RNs work in a variety of settings, including doctor’s offices, long-term care institutions, and home health care. The city’s largest employers are hospitals.

– Sandy Springs

In Sandy Springs, Georgia, there are over 41,000 registered nurses, with some making up to $97,820 a year. Scottish Rite Hospital, Northside Hospital, and Piedmont Heart of Perimeter are some of the largest employers of registered nurses in the area. The average yearly wage of registered nurses in the area is $73,190, which is more than the state average.

– Roswell

Atlanta, Roswell, and Sandy Springs collectively employ about 41,000 registered nurses. With more experience, you can earn a salary well above $97,000 in this city. PAMPA Children’s Hospital, North Fulton Regional Hospital, and Park Place are some of the largest employers of registered nurses in Roswell.

– Warner Robins

Primary Pediatrics, Magnolia Surgery, and several other clinics, such as Pediatric Associates and the Houston County Volunteer Medical Clinic, are some of the most prominent employers of RNs in Warner Robins. RNs make an average yearly pay of $62,700, but depending on their workplace, specialty, and experience, they can earn as much as $80,860.

– Albany

There are few major hospitals in Albany, GA, which explains the low pay for RNs. It is feasible to earn $66,890 per year at the top of the scale. The Phoebe Putney Health System and QuickFix Family Convenient Care employ most registered nurses.

RN Job Outlook (2018-2023)

Over the next five years, the job prognosis for registered nurses in Georgia is promising. Every year, between 1,380 and 1,440 new RN opportunities will open up across the state. Compared to other states in the country, this outlook is promising. Georgia’s rising and aging population, as well as increased access to cheap health insurance, are some causes driving the increase in employment.

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