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How To Become a Public Health Nurse In Ontario, Canada?

How To Become a Public Health Nurse In Ontario

Do you enjoy helping people? Why not consider a career in nursing? Public health nurse protects community health, playing a key role in society. These specialized nurses are providers, advocates, and educators of public health services and are indispensable for…

Are Nurses to Be Considered a First Responder?

Are Nurses First Responders

The importance of nurses as healthcare heroes is undeniable, but are they really first responders? It’s a complex question that deserves to be dissected and discussed further. From the urban settings of city hospitals to small-town rural clinics, nurses have…

How Many Hours Do Nurses Work in The United States?

In the US, nursing is a demanding industry. Nurses work hard to care for patients and facilitate operations. Many healthcare workers are notoriously overworked. So, how many hours do nurses work and what can you expect from becoming one? How…