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How Much Is the Annual Nursing Tuition at Arizona College of Nursing?

In recent years, the healthcare system played an instrumental role to help the whole world respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, social workers, and other medical staff have always been essential components of our communities. They became our front liners during difficult times.

One of the pillars of our healthcare system is the nurses. They work with other medical professionals to provide high-quality patient care. This highlights the importance of nursing education all over the world. Nursing education accords future nurses with the skills needed to fortify healthcare.

In the United States, one of the leading nursing schools is the Arizona College of Nursing. It has 15 locations in the US offering a three-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. The Arizona College of Nursing currently has branches in Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson. They also offer a nursing program in Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

Tuition and Fees at Arizona College of Nursing

If you’re interested to enroll in its BS Nursing program, the Arizona College of Nursing tuition fee for the academic year 2023-2024 is estimated to be around $24,972 according to the data of the National Center for Education Statistics. It had an increase of 4.05% compared to last academic year’s $24,000. When living off campus, the estimated cost is $21,679 for this academic year. 

Other costs that you might need to consider would be the room and board charges if you plan to live on the campus. This includes room and board charges, and other personal or transportation expenses. For 2023, the estimated total living expenses off campus are $20,373.

Like other institutions, students interested to enroll in Arizona College of Nursing may seek financial aid. A Financial Aid Officer can assist you with viable options for the nursing program. Also, they will help and guide you through your financial aid queries. You can start to apply for financial aid by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. 

Whatever your age and background are, you may be able to get financial assistance at Arizona College of Nursing, which includes:

  • Federal student loans (to be rapid after graduating)
  • Federal PELL or Supplemental Educational Opportunity grants (no need to be repaid)
  • Work-study (where you can be employed on campus)
  • Private educational loans
  • Military veteran educational benefits

Comparison of tuition rates with other nursing schools in Arizona

When you choose to enroll in Arizona College of Nursing, tuition and other fees are significantly higher compared to other nursing schools, with average fees of $18,010. For example, the Grand Canyon University tuition and fees are $17,800, while the University of Phoenix in Arizona has an estimated tuition and fees of $9,552. One thing to note should you decide to enroll in Arizona College of Nursing though, is that they do not offer online programs, compared to other schools like Grand Canyon University which offers the same course, and Arizona State University. However, it is worth noting that its NCLEX exam pass rate is 84.89% which is higher than the 82.32% national passing rate. 

But compared to other nursing schools in Arizona, the Arizona College of Nursing offers an accelerated and accredited program with a three-year program to get a nursing degree, compared to the usual length of nursing school. Aside from that, the college offers night classes for general education courses normally offered in year one. As you move onto the second year, the nursing core courses start, such as Ethical and Legal Standards, Theoretical Foundations, and Interprofessional Communications, among others. 

Its BSN program is also accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). Finally, in your third year, you’ll get to experience hands-on learning in different fields.

Your Healthcare Journey with Arizona College of Nursing

The three-year BS Nursing program of the Arizona College of Nursing is its strength among other colleges that offer the same program. With its accelerated program, you can finish the program earlier. Then, you can already start your nursing career faster than usual. Aside from that you can join the nursing workforce and fulfill the high demand for nurses in the employment sector. 

With its career-focused nursing program, the Arizona College of Nursing is an ideal choice for nursing schools as they deliver quality education through in-class learning in high-tech labs, hands-on patient care, on-campus talks, and more that creates a bright future for aspiring nurses in Arizona

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