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Welcome to the online Personal Support Worker (PSW) resource centre, and congratulations on your decision to start a career in one of the most promising supporting healthcare occupations in Canada.

Other occupations that are synonyms to PSW are:

  • Continuing Care Assistant
  • Personal Care Attendant
  • Home Support Worker
  • Resident Care Worker
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Health Care Aide

Here you will find information related to every aspect of this allied healthcare occupation, starting from helping you to decide if this is the right profession for you to fulfilling the requirements and eventually looking for a job.

Additionally, you will find information on avenues of professional development once you start working.

Personal Support Worker Jobs in Canadian Healthcare

Due to baby boomers approaching retirement and Canadian population aging at a very fast rate, services of these healthcare professionals have become vital than they have ever been.

This means high demand and strong employment growth, especially in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

If you are looking for a job in the GTA, please check out various resources for Personal Support Worker jobs in Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga.

According to Statistics Canada, over the five year period of 2007 to 2011, there has been a gradual increase in the number of healthcare jobs, especially PSW Jobs, related to occupations in support of health services.

Past Personal Support Worker Employment Trends in Ontario

And the future is projected to be even more promising.

According to the Human Resource and Skills Development Canada’s Occupation Projection System (COPS), occupation of a Personal Support Worker is going to be in high demand over the coming years.

It is also predicted that at least until 2020, there is going to be a shortage of workers in this occupation. Two most prominent reasons why this shortage is going to occur are:

  • Replacement demand due to current healthcare workers retirement
  • Expansion demand due to Canada’s aging population

Personal Support Worker Future Employment Trends in Ontario

High number of job openings coupled by less number of job seekers; projected employment growth for Personal Support Workers will be the strongest in Canadian Healthcare System.

Personal Support Workers Salary

Personal Support Workers play a major role in Ontario’s Healthcare System. Their salaries in Ontario rank among the highest in its category among similar career positions throughout Canada.

A PSW’s salary will depend on a number of variables, such as experience, the location they are working in, and any unique skills they may possess that will allow them to increase the quality of service they provide. Continued education also plays a major role in determining the salary of a PSW.

PSW salaries in Ontario can range from $10.25 per hour to $20.00 per hour with a median of $14.00 per hour.

The ability to meet specific needs and requirements expressed by the client can positively impact the earning potential of a PSW. There is external data that suggest PSW’s can earn from $24,589 to $41.652 annually.

For more information about Personal Support Worker Salary, click here.

Personal Support Workers Resume

One of the most important elements in the job search is an effective Personal Support Worker Resume. It is the first thing many employers will see, meaning that it will provide the first impression of who you are and what you are capable of.

It is important to perfect your resume in order to create best chances for an interview. Research shows that recruiters spend less than six seconds on a resume looking for following things:

  • Name
  • Current and past employers
  • Current position start and end dates
  • Previous position start and end dates
  • Education and other skills

Therefore it is of utmost importance to create a resume that will best utilize those six seconds.

Please visit the “Complete guide on how to write a PSW resume” to explore helpful tips and recommendations.

You can also check out a sample PSW Resume to create one of your own.

Personal Support Worker Job Description

Personal Support Worker job description is quite broad and encompasses a number of different responsibilities and skills.

PSW’s job description includes participating as a member of care and service teams within a particular institution or community. They are required to perform the duties of a support worker in a professional and highly ethical manner. PSW’s are also required to provide service that is centered on client’s specific needs and desires.

Personal Support Worker has to be able to adequately communicate with the client, their supervisors, and medical personal when necessary. Under the proper supervision, PSW’s are to use their skills, knowledge, as well as care and service plans for the purpose of helping develop better policies and procedures.

They must be able to produce a clean, comfortable and safe environment for the client, as well as provide all of the client’s personal care requirements.

The services that PSW’s provide to the client are invaluable.

Click here for more information.

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