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Here you will find many interviews with people who are related to this profession or who can provide you with valuable tips on how to excel as a PSW.


Well, through the contacts form and social media, audience of pswhq.com have been sending a countless number of questions such as:

  • I want to work in the healthcare industry but am not quite sure if this is something I will be able to do my entire life. What is it that takes to become a good Personal Support Worker?
  • I am a Health Care Aide (HCA) from a different province, can I work as a Personal Support Worker in Ontario?
  • I am a foreign trained nurse, can I work as a PSW in Ontario?
  • Who does evaluation of my courses, diploma or degree from another province or country in order for me to work as a Personal Support Worker in Ontario.
  • I am a PSW and would like to work in a hospital. What departments do PSW’s typically work in a hospital?
  • I have been trying to find a job at a hospital for quite some time now but have been unlucky so far. How can I get a PSW job at a hospital?
  • What are the further education opportunities for PSW’s in Ontario? For example, PSW to Practical Nursing.
  • Where can I complete a Personal Support Worker diploma?
  • Does it matter from where I complete my course from? Private vs. Public college

And this is the question that I get the most:

         I am a new graduate, where can I find a job?

plus many other questions on various topics.

You can find articles answering all the above questions on our website,


I wanted to take this one step further.

Why not put these questions to experts and listen to what they have to say.

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And this inquest of mine led me to create this podcast where I interview experts and get their opinion on these important and most commonly asked questions.


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Links and references to everything of importance discussed during the interview will be posted. If you have missed anything while listening to the interview, don’t worry it will all be there for you in the show notes.


PSWHQ : 001 How to Become Self-employed as a Personal Support Worker With Rod Macdonald from myPSW 

In this episode of The Personal Support Worker episode, I interview Rod Macdonald from myPSW.ca who has built a unique model for PSW’s that enables them to become self-employed.   SHOW NOTES


PSWHQ 002 : Extraordinary Journey of a PSW with Miranda Ferrier from Ontario Personal Support Worker Association (OPSWA)

In this episode I interview Miranda Ferrier who is a Personal Support Worker and also the president of Ontario Personal Support Worker Association (OPSWA). She sits on many Ministry of health committees and strongly advocates for this profession. SHOW NOTES


PSWHQ 003 : The Journey of An Ideal Personal Support Worker with Stefanie Nucci

In this episode I interview Stefanie Nucci who is a Personal Support Worker. She is very passionate about her job and shares her experiences during the interview. She also gives many helpful tips on how to use networking to land PSW jobs. SHOW NOTES


PSWHQ 004 : PSW jobs in Hospitals and How to Get one: A Nurse’s Prospective 

In this episode I interview Tanisha who is a nurse at an acute care hospital in Toronto. She works with PSW’s and appreciates their contributuion. She shares information on which departments PSW’s typically work and how you can find a job at a hospital. SHOW NOTES


PSWHQ 005 : A Personal Support Worker, Mental Health Worker, an Author and Everything In-between with Brenda Bondy-Caldicott

In this episode I chat with Brenda who has been a PSW for many years, but more importantly has kept the mantra of professional development and continuing education very dear to her. She shares her different roles and her venture into book writing. SHOW NOTES

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