nurse practitioner salary illinois

Nurse Practitioner Salary Illinois

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A nurse practitioner is a type of advanced practice registered nurse who specializes in specific areas of advanced practice. In order to get a license as a nurse practitioner, you must complete extra education, training, and certification requirements as well.

Nurse practitioners could be found in medical facilities such as urgent care clinics, but today, an increasing number of patients are turning to nurse practitioners for all of their basic healthcare requirements. In Illinois, the number of nurse practitioners has more than tripled in the last ten years, and there are now over 12,000 of practitioners.

But what kind of salary do nurse practitioners make? And how does it differ from state to state? Today we will be looking at nurse practitioner salaries in Illinois.

Nurse Practitioner Salary Illinois

The average income for a Nurse Practitioner in the state of Illinois is $105,800 per year. However, new Nurse Practitioners will only earn $77,900 on average as they start out. Out of the top 20% of earners, the highest annual incomes are $143,600 per year. When considering the salary of a Nurse Practitioner, there are many factors to take into account, including the specialty they work in.

A brief overview of each specialty, as well as the annual income that nurse practitioners earn, is provided in the next section.

Family Nurse Practitioner Illinois

Family Nurse Practitioners are highly trained professionals that provide primary care to people of all ages. They provide medical care for the entire family and have experience working with children, adults, and older people. They are trained to meet the demands of both the community and the entire lifespan.

In Illinois, the average hourly wage for a Family Nurse Practitioner is $49.20, with a yearly salary of $18,750 overtime pay, according to Indeed.

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Illinois

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners are a valuable asset in the medical profession. These professionals are looking to create a healthier society through proactive health education and advocacy. They also provide healthcare services to women all throughout their lives.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average yearly compensation for a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner in Illinois is $98,505 per year.

Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Illinois

Nurse practitioners in this area treat patients who are experiencing acute, critical, and complex health concerns throughout the adult lifespan in a variety of settings. These health professionals operate in a variety of settings and treat patients with these problems as they progress through the continuum of care.

According to Salary, the average salary for Adult-Gerontology Acute Nurse Practitioners in Illinois is $103,617. However, this salary can change depending on experience. For example, someone with one year of experience will earn $97,714 while someone with 20 years of experience will earn $111,064.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Illinois

When nursing personnel and other healthcare workers work together to provide care for unwell newborns, the outcomes are significantly better. Nurse practitioners that specialize in this field provide care for these newborns, which results in improved health outcomes.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioners in Illinois earn an average yearly salary of $87,768, according to ZipRecruiter. The best salary you could earn would be $108,678, and the lowest you can make is $74,963.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Illinois

Mental illness is common, but too many people go without the treatment they need. Mental health providers are a great resource to help people with their mental wellness. One specialty of mental health providers is a nurse practitioner. Their job is to work with individuals, families, and children to address mental health needs.

They work in hospitals, higher education, community mental health clinics, psychiatric home care programs, and intense case management teams, among others. In Illinois, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners earn an average salary of $140,118 a year.

How to become a Nurse Practitioner in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, there are numerous routes to becoming a nurse. The path you choose will be largely determined by the type of nurse you want to be and your existing or anticipated level of education. The greater your degree of education, the greater the number of options you’ll have in terms of where and how you pursue your professional goals.

Advanced practice nurses in Illinois are certified by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. These nurses receive their individual certification from the National Nurse Practitioner Certification Board, which is accepted within the state of Illinois.

Prospective advanced practice nurses must complete a graduate degree or post-master certificate. To become an advanced practice nurse, individuals will have to complete the requirements of their desired specialty. If they wish to get certified in a second specialty, they will not be required to finish another graduate degree but will have to do the extra education as dictated by the requirements of the new certification.

Job Growth and Job Demand Nurse Practitioner Illinois

Illinois has a huge number of nurse practitioners, which would lead many to conclude that there is little room for job development in the state. The job forecast for nurse practitioners in Illinois is extremely encouraging; it is expected the state will gain over 2,500 more nurse practitioners over the next decade.

The rising elderly population in Illinois, which requires not only primary care but also chronic disease management, is one factor contributing to the state’s hopeful growth. In addition, because of healthcare reform, there is a shift in emphasis from individual care to team-based treatment, which includes physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

Reasons Job Growth looks promising

  • Growing shortage of physicians
  • Uninsured patients are seeking healthcare
  • The scope of practice continues to be broadened as a result of healthcare legislation
  • ‘The population of the United States is increasing at a greater rate than in previous decades.
  • The population is continuing to age, necessitating the need for healthcare services
  • Continual demand for primary, secondary, and tertiary medical treatment as a result of injuries and disease.


In Illinois, a nurse practitioner earns an average of $77,900. The highest annual salary is $143,600. Many aspects must be considered, including their field of expertise. This section summarizes each specialty’s annual compensation. The average Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner income is $140,118.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation certifies APNs. The type of nurse you want to be and your current or expected academic level will influence your route. Over 2,500 more NPs are predicted in Illinois over the next decade. Increasing older population and emphasis on team-based treatment are considerations.

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