What’s The Average Nurse Practitioner Salary in Massachusetts?

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Whether you’re thinking of becoming a nurse practitioner, studying to become one, or just starting nursing school, you may wonder how much a nurse practitioner makes. Salary amounts vary depending on a variety of factors, including location.

Location is an important aspect to consider, and there are many options available. One can choose from a wide range of states in the United States, for instance. Within each state, there are many cities to choose from. Smaller cities, suburban areas, metropolitan areas, rural communities, and so on. All of these areas have a growing healthcare need.

It’s time to narrow in on a more specific location after you’ve decided what general state you would like to practice. In which cities do you see yourself practicing as a nurse practitioner?

One of the factors to take into consideration is pay. In this article, we will take a look at the salaries of nurse practitioners in Massachusetts.

Starting Salary of a Nurse Practitioner in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, nurse practitioners who are just starting out can expect a decent salary. On average, entry-level nurse practitioners are just finishing their degrees and have less than two to three years of experience. The entry-level salary varies based on a number of factors, including specialty and city.

On average, a nurse practitioner just starting out in Massachusetts can expect to make about $74,841 per year. This breaks down to $6,236 per month or $35.98 per hour.

Average Salary of a Nurse Practitioner in Massachusetts

Nurse practitioners in Massachusetts earn a salary that is influenced by a variety of factors. Location, specialty, type of practice, years of experience, shift differentials, degrees, and certifications are all factors to consider.

If we look at averages, though, a nurse practitioner in Massachusetts makes about $85,083. That breaks down to $6,024 per month and $63.20 per hour.

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Massachusetts By Years of Experience

A person’s earning potential increases as they gain experience. The pay of nurse practitioners will increase over time as they advance in their careers. One of the essential factors to consider in analyzing nurse practitioner salaries is experience.

The average entry-level nurse practitioner salary in Massachusetts is $74,841 per year, or $35.98 per hour. Three to five years after becoming a nurse practitioner, you’ll be earning an average of $91,067 per year. That’s over a $16,000 increase in salary in just a few short years.

Looking at the mid-range experience level, nurse practitioners with ten years of experience can expect to make an average of $92,884 per year.

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Massachusetts By Specialty


Additionally, nurse practitioners’ salaries are heavily influenced by their specialties. There are various specialties available to nurse practitioners in Massachusetts. In general, nurse practitioners specialize according to their personal goals and what interests them. Specialties for nurse practitioners include pediatrics, family care, psychiatry, emergency medicine, and women’s health.

Upon completion of a nurse practitioner program, different specialties may require additional certifications. Each specialty has its own certification requirements. For some people, working in one area for an extended period can become boring. Nurse practitioners can work in one specialty for a short time before transitioning to another.

As nurse practitioners progress in their careers, it is not unusual for them to work in a variety of specialties.

Listed below are just some of the specialties in which nurse practitioners can specialize, along with their average salary.

Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner

  • Treat patients from early adulthood to older adults
  • Primary care or acute care
  • Hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospice facilities, private practices, specialty clinics
  • Average salary of $110,916 per year in Massachusetts

Dermatology Nurse Practitioner

  • Treat diseases and medical conditions that affect the surface of the skin
  • Appealing hours for work-life balance
  • Dermatology clinic, plastic surgeon’s office, medical spas, research
  • Average salary of $144,181 per year in Massachusetts

Family Nurse Practitioner

  • Treat patients ranging from infants to adults
  • Wide range of family-focused care from health promotion to chronic illnesses
  • Acute care centers, physician offices, hospitals, long-term care facilities, hospice centers, private care with patient’s home, urgent cares, correctional facilities, private practice
  • Average salary of $107,986 per year in Massachusetts

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

  • Treat high risk-infants, usually in a neonatal intensive care unit within a hospital
  • Provide support and education to families for the infants they’re treating and work closely with the neonatologist
  • Hospitals, clinics, home health care services, patient transport, research
  • Average salary of $116,580 per year in Massachusetts

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

  • Treat children of all ages, from birth up to the age of 21
  • Health promotion, along with diagnosis and treatment while working in collaboration with a pediatrician
  • Hospitals, urgent cares, specialty clinics, physician offices, schools, private clinics
  • Average salary of $120,300 per year in Massachusetts

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

  • Treat and care for those with mental illness, and their families
  • Practice in offices, outpatient centers, residential facilities, and inpatient hospitals
  • Average salary of $155,016 per year in Massachusetts

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

  • Treat women for a variety of health services, including acute and chronic health problems that are unique to women
  • Health care, health promotion, and disease prevention usually in an office or clinic setting
  • Hospitals, clinics, family planning clinics, prenatal clinics, women’s correctional facilities, private practices
  • Average salary of $122,915 per year in Massachusetts

As you can see, the average yearly salary varies widely among the different specialties. There are a number of factors to consider when determining specialty. Most of the highest-paid specialties are in hospitals, which often require working some holidays, weekends, and nights. When making a decision, you should consider your own personal goals as well as the pros and cons of the salary, the location, your interest in the specialty, and your aspirations.

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Massachusetts By City

Nurse Reviewing

Location should also be considered when determining nurse practitioner salaries in Massachusetts. When looking for an area, it’s essential to consider the type of area you want: Metropolitan, small city, suburban, or more of a rural town.

The pay for each location can also vary depending on the location’s needs. Pay and benefits will be more competitive if nurse practitioners are in high demand in your area. These factors are important to consider when choosing a location.

Here we will look at some major cities within Massachusetts.


  • Population: 675,647 in 2020
  • The capital and most populous city in Massachusetts
  • Average nurse practitioner salary: $107,177 per year


  • Population: 118,403 in 2020
  • Major suburb of Boston
  • Average nurse practitioner salary: $92,987 per year


  • Population: 115,554 in 2020
  • Second most populous in the Boston metropolitan area
  • Average nurse practitioner salary: $114,366 per year


  • Population: 155,929 in 2020
  • Fourth-most populous city in New England
  • Average nurse practitioner salary: $84,171 per year


  • Population: 206,518 in 2020
  • Second-most populous city in New England after Boston
  • Average nurse practitioner salary: $70,836 per year

Massachusetts Nurse Practitioner Benefits and Compensation

Salaries are clearly a critical factor in choosing a career and working location. In addition to the salary, there is another important aspect to consider, which is the benefits. What type of compensation and benefits are offered? As with salary, benefits and compensation are negotiable for nurse practitioners.

In addition to the average yearly salary of $85,083, nurse practitioners in Massachusetts can find themselves earning extra thousands of dollars in benefits and compensation. This varies according to whether the nurse practitioner position is in the private sector or local or state government.

There are a number of benefits and compensation options that nurse practitioners find appealing. Among them are:

  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Employer-sponsored pension plan
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Continuing education allowance

The Future for Nurse Practitioners in Massachusetts

The future looks bright for nurse practitioners. In the medical field, there is an increased need due to an aging population and advancements in healthcare. A shortage of nurse practitioners in many areas and specialties is also caused by the retirement or near-retirement of many nurse practitioners.

In addition to high levels of demand and job stability, nurse practitioners typically enjoy highly competitive salaries as shown in the statistics. Even though nurse practitioners’ money can vary based on factors such as where you work, your experience level, and which specializations you choose, many aspiring nurses believe that becoming a nurse practitioner will enhance their earning potential.


In deciding where to work as a nurse practitioner, a number of factors must be considered. One reason why many nurse practitioners consider moving to Massachusetts is that it offers favorable job opportunities. Massachusetts is among one of the highest-paid states for nurse practitioners.

Job security and a salary that’s higher than the national average for nurse practitioners are other attractive and competing factors to keep in mind. It’s easy to see why Massachusetts may be worth adding to your list of possibilities.

Written by Joanne Potter

Joanne Potter, BSN, RN, is a writer that specializes in health and wellness. She has fifteen years of experience as a Registered Nurse in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Her years working at the bedside and extensive neonatal knowledge enable her to write with a deep understanding of what patients and families want from their communities. Visit her LinkedIn page.



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