Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York: Explained City by City

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In response to the Covid crisis, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order in 2020 authorizing nurse practitioners to offer comprehensive medical services without the supervision of a physician as long as those services were consistent with the NP’s education, training, and expertise.

New York is not, however, a state where NPs can practice. There are no laws in existence in New York State that allow NPs to practice. Nurse practitioners in the Empire State are only allowed to deliver services through signed practice agreements with collaborative physicians, according to New York State Education Law.

A nurse practitioner’s average income in New York is the fifth highest in the country. In New York, how much does a nurse practitioner earn? This article will provide you with all the information you require regarding nurse practitioner salaries in New York.

Starting Salary of a Nurse Practitioner in New York

In New York, the typical entry-level nurse practitioner salary is $88,430 per year, or $7,370 per month or $42.51 per hour. The greater New York metropolitan region has the highest entry-level NP earnings, with nurse practitioners earning about $91,000 per year in their first jobs out of school. In the more rural, upstate portions of New York, beginning nurse practitioners earn much less.

Even when they’re just starting out, NPs with specialties in transplant care, nephrology, or emergency medicine may be able to use their prior knowledge to get better pay. Another strategy to increase your marketability as a new NP in New York is to obtain a specialist certification in a field outside your demographic emphasis, such as orthopedics, palliative care, or dermatology.


Average Salary of a Nurse Practitioner in New York

New York’s average nurse practitioner pay is $126,440 per year, or $10,540 per month or $60.79 per hour. NPs make nearly twice as much as all other vocations in New York ($67,850) and nearly one-and-a-half times as much as New York nurses ($89,760). Adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioners are likely to be in higher demand than family nurse practitioners in a hospital setting.


Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York by Years of Experience

The Empire State already had a physician shortage prior to the Covid-19 issue. Nurse practitioners in New York are exceptionally effective alternatives for physicians, which is one of the reasons for their high pay. As a nurse practitioner in New York gains experience, their pay rises steadily.

Nurse practitioner salaries in New York will have increased by approximately 18 percent by the time they have worked professionally for four years. An NP with nine years of experience will earn more than 40% more than when they first started. NPs with 20 years or more experience earn an average of $167,320, nearly double the entry-level wage of $88,430.

Years of ExperienceHourlyMonthlyAnnual
Starting (Entry-Level)$42.51$7,370$88,430
1-4 Years of Experience$50.13$8,690$104,280
5-9 Years of Experience$59.63$10,340$124,020
10-19 Years of Experience$69.64$12,070$144,850
20 Years or More Experience$80.44$13,940$167,320

Total Annual Nurse Practitioner Compensation and Benefits

Medical insurance, life insurance, paid vacation, payments to your retirement fund, and flexible work schedules are all examples of benefits. In the private sector, these benefits are worth an average of $53,464 per year, whereas in the public sector, they are worth an average of $77,019 per year. That means your annual remuneration will be in excess of $200,000 per year.

ComponentPrivate IndustryState and Local Government
Paid Leave$13,321$15,363
Supplemental Pay$6,300$2,021
Retirement and Savings$6,120$25,066
Legally Required$13,681$11,118
Total Benefits$53,464$77,019
Average Annual Salary$126,550$125,130
Total Compensation$180,014$202,149

Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York By Practice Setting

An NP working in a New York hospital earns an average of $136,750 per year. Hospitals are frequently able to provide advantages such as tuition reimbursement and relocation subsidies due to their large financial resources.

NPs are paid much less in outpatient care clinics than they are in other states. This could be due to the fact that New York does not allow nurse practitioners to work independently.

Type of Practice SettingHourlyAnnual
Offices of Physicians$62.76$130,530
Offices of Other Health Practitioners$62.76$130,530
Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools$59.48$123,710
Outpatient Care Centers$57.37$119,320

Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York by Specialty

Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners that specialize in adult-gerontology acute care can be found in hospitals and medical centers throughout the state’s more urbanized areas. AG-NPs earn $119,480 per year and are highly trained to care for elderly people. Almost one in every six New Yorkers is above 65.


Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Aesthetic nurse practitioners (NPs) are advanced practice registered nurses who have completed the Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS) exam after working for two years or more in a board-certified cosmetic surgeon’s office.

Aesthetic nurse practitioners are largely found in the greater New York City metropolitan area, where they earn an average of $113,190 per year.


Dermatology Nurse Practitioner

In New York, the average dermatological nurse practitioner income is $125,630 per year. Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Board-certified NPs are in high demand in New York cities such as New York City, Buffalo, and Rochester. The AANA didn’t create a list of dermatology nurse practitioner competencies until 2018.


Emergency Nurse Practitioner

Emergency nurse practitioners in New York State earn an average of $128,410 a year. During the Covid-19 crisis, emergency nurse practitioners have become especially crucial because it is their job to identify Covid patients as fast as possible and isolate them from other emergency room patients in order to reduce infection rates.


Family Nurse Practitioner

Family nurse practitioners make up the largest group of nurse practitioners in the state of New York. In New York, the average compensation for a family nurse practitioner is $124,950 per year. The state has an equitable distribution of family nurse practitioners.

In private practices of primary physicians and internists in urban areas, they’re frequently the second in charge. FNPs work in community clinics in cities as well. FNPs are front-line practitioners when it comes to treating non-life-threatening accidents and illnesses in more rural upstate areas, where the supervising physician with whom they cooperate may be miles distant.


Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

In New York, the average salary for a neonatal nurse practitioner is $134,130. In the entire state, there are just 179 neonatal nurses. In neonatal intensive care units, neonatal nurse practitioners work with premature babies. Practitioners of this discipline are in high demand, yet there aren’t many of them.


Pediatric Nurse

In New York State, there are 1,052 pediatric nurse practitioners; their average compensation is $119,030, roughly 5% less than that of FNPs. PNPs work at hospitals, doctors’ offices, urgent care centers, home health agencies, and school-based clinics throughout the state.


Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

There is no shortage of mental health specialists in the Empire State, but they tend to congregate in the state’s main urban centers, such as New York City. Nurse practitioners who specialize in psychiatry and mental health assist in picking up the slack.

In New York, the average mental nurse practitioner pay is $131,590. Nearly 40% of New Yorkers expressed anxiety and sadness symptoms related to the Covid-19 situation in a poll conducted in October 2020.


Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners who specialize in women’s health are trained to care for women at all stages of life, including old age. As the population of New York ages, the demand for WHNPs’ services will grow. There are currently 381 WHNPs practicing in New York, with an average annual salary of $121,030.


Nurse Practitioner Salary City by City


In New York City, the average nurse practitioner pay is $133,380. The average income for nurse practitioners in New York is the highest in the state. Nurse practitioners were critical in assisting New York City in recovering from the first wave of the Covid-19 problem. Internationally renowned hospitals such as New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell University Hospital are located in New York City.



In New York City, the average income for a nurse practitioner is $133,380. The average income for nurse practitioners in New York is the highest in the country. Nurse practitioners were instrumental in assisting New York City in recovering from the first wave of the Covid-19 problem.

Internationally renowned hospitals such as New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell University Hospital can be found in New York City.



Rochester is well-known for providing high-quality healthcare at a moderate cost. The strategic use of nurse practitioners accounts for a significant part of its cost-effective healthcare delivery performance.

Nurse practitioners in Rochester earn an average of $110,290 per year. Strong Memorial Hospital, Highland Hospital, and Rochester General Hospital are all part of the Rochester medical system.



PMHNPs in the Syracuse area could play a critical role. Syracuse’s top medical centers include Crouse Hospital, Community Memorial Hospital-Hamilton, and St. Joseph’s Health Hospital. In Syracuse, NY, the average nurse practitioner salary is $110,370.

Even before Covid, Syracuse and Onondaga County were dealing with one of the state’s most serious mental health crises. The number of psychiatric-related ER visits and hospitalizations was nearly double the national norm.



In Albany, NY, the average nurse practitioner salary is $110,370. Many residents suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and heart disease, and they can benefit from the behavioral instruction and therapies that NPs are especially skilled at providing. Saratoga Hospital, Albany Medical Center, and St. Peter’s Hospital-Albany are the three most important hospitals in Albany and the surrounding area.


Nurse Practitioner Pay in New York vs. Other Nursing Careers

Nurse practitioners are the highest-paid ancillary healthcare providers in New York State. They are among the highest paid in the state, earning $126,440 per year. If the executive action passed during the Covid crisis is adopted into legislative statutes and becomes permanent, NP compensation in the Empire State is expected to rise much more.

OccupationAverage Annual Salary
Nurse Anesthetist$217,050
Nurse Practitioner$126,440
Nurse Midwife$125,780
Nursing Instructor and Teacher, Postsecondary$98,850
Registered Nurse$89,760
Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurse$51,300
Nursing Assistant$40,620

Career Outlook for Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York

Nurse practitioners in New York State earn an average of $51,960 a year, but the national average for all NPs is nearly double that.

The greater New York City metropolitan area, as well as the Hudson Valley, the Finger Lakes region, and the Capital Region, will see the biggest demand. Salary rises are likely to follow when there is high demand for members of a certain profession.


In New York, the average income for a nurse practitioner in 2022 is $126,440. Years of experience, area of specialization, and practice setting all influence the quantity.

Obtaining more certificates in your chosen specialization is the most effective approach to increase your compensation. When considering career opportunities, salary isn’t the only factor to consider; however, it is a significant one.

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