PSWHQ 003 : The Journey of An Ideal Personal Support Worker with Stefanie Nucci

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Being a Personal Support Worker is not for everyone. Compared to similar professions, the money can be great, but if this is what is driving you to become a PSW, do yourself a favor and give it a second thought.

Besides many other qualities, this profession demands patience, empathy, honesty and compassion.

In this episode of the Personal Support Worker podcast, I am happy to have Stefanie Lynn with me.

She has the above mentioned traits, is a Personal Support Worker and very rightfully deserves the title of an “Ideal PSW”.

She is very passionate about her work and also shares her experiences on her blog at apswlife.

In this interview, Stefanie shares her journey as a PSW. She also shares a very interesting story about what led her to the path of Personal Support profession.

She also talks about what it takes to become a great PSW and some of the challenges of this wonderful profession.

More specifically, during the interview Stefanie reveals things like:

  • Common success factors and characteristics that all Personal Support Workers must have.
  • Where can you take the PSW course? Option to complete this course at a private vs public college.
  • How hard is it to find a job after you graduate and what can you do to make your search more productive.
  • An idea to give you a head start for you job search. When exactly should you start looking for a job?
  • The importance of having your resume and cover letter in the best shape and form before you start applying for PSW positions.
  • Some of the things that you must put on your resume that are sure to give the recruiters a better understanding of your past experience.
  • Strategies to use while doing your clinical placement that can boost your chances of getting hired at the place where you are doing your placement.
  • If you are not getting hired directly, why working through an agency can actually be a good thing and can give you much needed exposure to various settings.
  • Plus much more!

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