Complete Guide on How to Write a PSW Resume

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When it comes to your resume, how you write it makes all the difference. You may have great credentials to your name but fail to secure a job because of a poorly written resume. This article is a definitive guide to show you how to write a Personal Support Worker resume.

What Type of Resume is best for PSW Jobs?

The audience that you will present your resume to must guide your writing. Your resume is the only marketing tool that you have before stepping foot into the organization where your interests lie.

If you are fresh from school:

  • You should highlight any achievements you had during your study years.
  • Focus on highlighting your education if you have no work experience.

If you have prior experience working as a PSW

  • Highlight your work history
  • Always use a targeted resume for different job applications. If you want that job, a targeted resume is worth the effort.

Resume Format & Sections

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the sections that you need to include in your resume. That said, there are some basic sections that must feature in it.

Always highlight your education since organizations use this to gauge your ability to perform the task.

Include the work experience section in all resumes that you send out.

The publications or conferences attended section show your potential employers that you are a lifelong learner.

You can also include a section on any leadership posts you have held. Include a section to highlight any other relevant skills that you have.

Using Resume Keywords

Any PSW job that you apply for usually attracts a large pool of potential candidates. This is likely to happen in jobs that require online applications, which is the case with Personal Support Workers.

In order to filter out resumes, organizations often use automated software. . You stand a better chance if your resume has the right keywords. You can pick the keywords to include after considering the information provided on the job posting.

When including the keywords, make your writing flow naturally. Do not stuff keywords on your resume.

Using Action Verbs/Resume Power Words

To differentiate yourself from other applicants, your resume must feature your accomplishments.

If you have prior work experiences, you will have to describe any duties previously assigned to you.

The best way to do this is to use action verbs/power words.

Words such as accelerated, achieved, accomplished, or acquired are more effective in describing your duties or accomplishments. Other examples of possible power words for PSW’s include:





Maintained, and


The only rule when using action verbs in your resume is to never use three or more action verbs in one sentence.

Resume Proofreading

If you care about getting the position you are applying for, you will proof read your resume. Grammatical or spelling mistakes on your resume make you look shoddy in your work.

After you complete writing the first draft of your resume, take time off before proof reading. You can use software or grammar websites to weed out mistakes in your resume. However, the only way to ensure your work is perfect is to proof read it several times. For a second opinion, give a friend or a colleague to go through it.

What Not To Include in Your Personal Support Worker Resume

Do not include your religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. These are topics best left out to avoid stroking unnecessary passions of the person considering your resume.

Do not include information that is irrelevant to the job you are applying. The organization you are applying to do not need to know that you won the local burger eating conference.

Do not include your GPA score if it is below average.

With the six points mentioned above on how to write a PSW resume, you should be able to tailor your resume in a strategic manner. This information gives you a shot at receiving a call for an interview in most of your jobs applications.

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  1. Hi Dear/sir
    I am looking for a personal support work at Ajax area. I am a male personal support worker. It is hard for me to find the job . please helpme. my cell number
    647 655 9428.


    • Hello Subanath,
      Thanks for your comment and your voice mail.
      I understand it can be quite challenging to find a job sometimes but the key is to keep looking.
      Here are a few suggestions to help make your job hunt a little less stressfull:

      1. Make sure your resume is good. Remember this is the first point of contact with a potential employer. You can check create one of your own by using this template.

      2. Make sure you include a cover letter when you apply for PSW positions. This will help you stand out from others in the competition.

      3. Use professional networking sites such as linkedIn to connect with potential employers.

      4. If you have not already done so, please check out our resource page for PSW jobs. Here you will find direct links to many websites and articles where you can look for and apply for jobs.

      If you still have further questions, please contact us and we will be more than happy to guide you further.

      Good Luck!

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