Personal Support Worker Jobs in Toronto

In Canada, health care industry offers the best job security. To gain employment in this sector the best place to be in whole of Canada is Toronto and its suburbs.

The reason: this is where most of the jobs are!

With changing system of healthcare delivery in Ontario, Personal Support Worker is one of the profession is starting to be utilized more and more.

Demographics that fuel PSW Jobs in Toronto

The city of Toronto includes the districts of North York, East York, York, Scarborough and Etobicoke.

According to the Canadian Census of 2011, the city of Toronto’s population is 2,615,060.

Within the population about 14.4% belong to the age group of 65 years old and up. That comes out to be about a little over 350,000 senior citizens.

Old Man

The Toronto area caters to the healthcare and long-term care needs of one of the most densely populated areas in Canada.

It has 26 hospitals, 65 long-term care homes, and 82 retirement homes.

Even though not every hospital employs Personal Support Workers, but having a total of 173 health care institutions still translates into thousands of PSW jobs in Toronto.

And it does not end here.

There are 14 Community Care Access Centers (CCAC) across Ontario, with Toronto Central CCAC facilitating care to thousands of patients and elderly citizens in the Toronto region. These centers also partner with numerous community employment agencies to help deliver in home personal support.

Community Support agencies offer many PSW jobs in Toronto. These jobs focus more on providing assistance to the elderly and disabled.

Such employment agencies are great ways to kick start your career after graduating from a PSW educational program.

Where are PSW jobs in Toronto listed?

Almost every healthcare institution in Toronto, lists Personal Support Worker jobs on their website.

Lately employers have gone paperless, and the only way to submit an application is online.  

It is a good idea to create an account on the healthcare institution’s website. This way all your information will be saved and you will receive email alerts on your applications and new openings for Personal Support Worker jobs in Toronto.

Long Term Care Homes Operated by the City of Toronto

Out of the 65 long-term care homes in Toronto, ten are owned and operated by the City of Toronto.

Name AddressContact
Bendale Acres2920 Lawerence Ave
Toronto, ON M1P 2T8
416 397-7000
Carefree Lodge306 Finch Ave E
Toronto, ON M2N 4S5
416 397-1500
Castleview Wychwood Towers351 Christie Street
Toronto, ON M6G 3C3
416 392-5700
Cummer Lodge205 Cummer Ave
Toronto, ON M2M 2E8
416 392-9500
Fudger House439 Sherbourne Steet
Toronto, ON M4X 1K6
416 392-5252
Kipling Acres2233 Kipling Ave
Toronto, ON M9W 4L3
416 392-2300
Lakeshore Lodge3197 Lakeshore Blvd W
Toronto, ON M8V 3X5
416 392-9400
Seven Oaks9 Neilson Road
Toronto, ON M1E 5E1
416 392-3500
True Davidson Acres200 Dawes Road
Toronto, ON M4C 5M8
416 397-0400
Westburn Manor400 The West Mall
Toronto, ON M9C 5S1
416 394-3600

Hiring for all PSW positions at above listed long-term care homes is done by the City of Toronto and applications are accepted online only.

Other Long Term Care Homes in Toronto

City of Toronto has thirty one other Long Term Care Homes that offer Jobs for Personal Support Workers. At these facilities, PSW’s provide the majority of personal care services. They work under the supervision of a Nurse and are a first point of contact with the residents.

Allowed scope of practice and the duties performed vary from one Nursing home to the other. Some Nursing homes allow PSW’s to perform tasks such as changing dressings and giving medications while others limit PSW’s to personal care only.

Please click on the link below for a complete list of Long Term Care homes in Toronto. You can click on the name of the Long Term Care Home to get more information on how you can apply for a particular PSW job.

Please note that some homes do not have a website. You can contact them by phone or may apply in person, provided they accept applications in person.

PSW Jobs at Long Term Care Homes in other Districts of Toronto

City of Toronto includes the districts of North York, East York, York, Scarborough and Etobicoke. All these regions have many Long Term Care homes that hire PSW’s.

Following are the links for a complete list of Nursing homes in each region. Please click on the one you are interested to check out the list.

Long Term Care/Nursing Homes in York Region

Long Term Care/Nursing Homes in Scarborough

Long Term Care/Nursing Homes in Etobicoke 

Hospitals That Offer PSW Jobs in Toronto 

There are many hospitals that offer employment options for Personal Support Workers. It may seem tough to get hired but the rewards are plenty. Apart from job security, hospitals offer great pay rates, pension plans and benefits for full time employees.

One very important thing to keep in mind when looking for PSW jobs in Toronto hospitals is to watch for different job titles under which jobs are posted.

Some hospitals list jobs as Health Care Aide, some as Patient Service Partner or as a Patient Services Attendant. In terms of qualifications, all these job titles are basically the same as a Personal Support Worker.

PSW Jobs Through Employment Agencies

There are many employment agencies in Toronto that offer PSW jobs.

Working through an agency might be a great option for those who are looking for a flexible schedule. You can work according to your availability.

Following is a list of employment agencies in Toronto that offer employment for PSW’s. Please note that there may be many more. If you know of any agency that offer PSW jobs but is not listed in the list, please leave the details in the comments section below.

A-Supreme Nursing and Home Care Services845 Wilson Ave.
Suite 103
Toronto, Ontario
M3K 1E6
Tel: 416-781-7687
Fax: 416-781-7681
Toll Free: 1-866-959-0083
Canes Community Care135 Queens Plate Drive
Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario
M9W 6V1
Tel: 416-743-3892
Fax: 416-743-7654
Care 4 Seniors Inc22 Lewiston Road
Toronto, Ontario
M1P 1X7
Tel: 416-755-2273
Custom Comfort Care20 Bay Street
Suite 1205
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2N8
Tel: 416-703-2539
Divine Angles Home Health Care IncTel: 416-854-8027
Integra Care Inc396 Moore Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4G 1C7
Tel: 416-421-4243
Fax: 416-421-4617
Kumfee Care Nursing Agency2048 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4C 1J6
Tel: 416-698-9786
Fax: 416-698-0166
NHI Nursing and HomemakersAgincourt Commercial Centre
2347 Kennedy Road
Suite 204
Toronto, Ontario
M1T 3T8
Tel: 416-754-0700
Nowhere Like HomeSunlife Financial Centre
3300 Bloor Street West
Suite 3140
Toronto, Ontario
M8X 2X3
Tel: 416-628-5072
Nurse Next Door Home Care ServicesTel: 416-488-2980
Saint ElizabethFind a location near youTel: 1-877-972-0800
Seniors For Seniors40 St Clair Avenue West
Suite 102
Toronto, Ontario
M4V 1M2
Tel: 416-481-2733
Fax: 416-481-3213
SRT Med Staff1235 Bay Street
7th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 3K4
Tel: 416-968-0833
Victorian Order of Nurses2150 Islington Avenue
Suite 301
Toronto, Ontario
M9P 3V4
Preferred Health Care Inc.70 Red Maple Road Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 4T8Tel: 905-771-2765
Fax: 905-771-2763
Toll Free: 1-877-924-8800
VHA Home Health Care30 Soudan Avenue
Suite 600
Toronto, Ontario
M4S 1V6
Tel: 416-489-2500
Toll-free: 1-888-314-6622
Fax: 416-482-8773 (Human Resources) 416-489-7533

PSW Jobs with Canadian Red Cross Toronto

Toronto chapter of the Canadian Red Cross often has openings for the positions of a Personal Support Workers and Community Support Workers to provide community-based care to their clients.

Red Cross offer thousands of PSW jobs in Toronto, and currently employs a total of 3500 in all of Ontario.

Whether it’s directly through the Hospital, Long-Term Care home, Retirement home or an employment agency, chances of getting hired are excellent.

Searching PSW Jobs through

Indeed is a job search engine and is #1 job site worldwide. It lists hundreds of Personal Support Worker jobs.

One of the biggest advantages of using indeed is that this is a “one stop shop” for your job search.

You see, employers looking to hire PSW’s post jobs on their websites. Indeed extracts relevant jobs according to your search criteria and lists them in one place. This way you don’t have to visit each individual website. It is a huge time saver.

Please check out the filtered PSW Jobs for Toronto. It is worth noting here that jobs listed below are updated automatically and may display some jobs from surrounding areas as well.

PSW Jobs in Toronto


For more details on the jobs listed above, please click on that specific job. Click on “Next” to display more jobs.

You can also use other job search engines such as Monster and Workopolis.

Websites such as jobbank and working in Canada also list PSW jobs.

Hope the above listed resources and tools will help you find a job that you like. If you have any questions or would like to add something to the article, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Image credit: Used under a Creative Commons Attribution from Marco Toet on Flickr.

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  1. Mosaic has two office locations; Markham and Toronto:
    MARKHAM Office (in The Shops on Steeles & 404):
    2900 Steeles Avenue East, Suite 218
    Markham, ON L3T 4X1
    Tel. (905) 597-7000

    TORONTO Office (in the CNIB Centre):
    1929 Bayview Avenue, Unit 215H
    Toronto, ON M4G 3E8
    Tel. (416) 322-7002

    Resumes can be emailed to: [email protected]
    Availability should be included in the note (i.e. full-time, part-time, days, nights, weekdays, weekends…..and what are the ‘windows of availability’ 7:00am – 5:00pm at latest on any day but Friday, as an example)

    • Nathalie, thank you for posting the information about Mosaic home care.
      Hope PSW’s can make the best of the opportunities available.

  2. Premier Homecare Services – North York is located at 250 Consumers Road, Ste. 508, North York, ON M2J 4V6. We are always looking for qualified, compassionate PSWs. Resumes can be submitted via our website, faxed to 416-510-8858 or emailed to [email protected]. Please indicate your days/hours of availability.

  3. Hi, I am very concerned because I graduated as PSW last July and found nothing. I applied at several agencies. I live here a year ago and I don’t speak very fluent English. I graduated well University Degree Preschool Pedagogy in my country. I am willing to volunteer as well. Someone could advise me!

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