What is Ontario Personal Support Worker Association?

Ontario Personal Support Worker Association

Personal Support Workers (PSW’s) fulfill a demanding role in Ontario. Without their skill, compassion, and dedication, a great number of people would be unable to lead independent lives.

While the job of a Personal Support Worker is rewarding, it can be challenging as well.

The Ontario Personal Support Worker Association (OPSWA) is a valuable resource for gaining up to date information and the kind of assistance and encouragement that can only come from others who understand the unique circumstances that come with this career path.

What Is OPSWA?

OPSWA is an acronym for the Ontario Personal Support Worker Association.

It is an organization founded and staffed by people with the real world, hands-on experience. The PSW’s do not fall under the Regulated Health Professions Act, which leaves employees with limited advocacy rights.

The OPSWA fills this void, allowing personal support workers to present a united front to government agencies and the public.

This is an important task.

Since people with this job title enjoy plenty of one-on-one interaction with care recipients, personal support workers are in a unique position to bring meaningful changes to the existing health care system.

OPSWA is a professional association that assists personal support workers to offer the best possible care while also agitating for improved care conditions and providing the opportunity to connect with others in the field.

OPSWA’s Objectives

Members of OPSWA are deeply committed to providing high-quality care that allows patients to achieve the dream of independent living. In order to continue to improve care services, OPSWA actively advocates for better patient care practices and supporting the legislation.

Moreover, OPSWA is involved in the process of ensuring improved patient rights and seeks to promote the interests and well-being of personal support workers throughout Ontario.

The organization is similarly dedicated to continuing the education of PSW’s and disseminating information related to new advancements and techniques within the profession. OPSWA also provides means through which workers may connect with others who are active in this career field.

The Benefits of Joining OPSWA

Following are some of the benefits of registering with OPSWA:

  • Applicants receive a photo identification card that identifies them as a competent professional who is committed to providing outstanding patient care.
  • Members gain access to valuable training materials and receive regular updates on new government regulations and changes that may affect their practice.
  • A yearly police check is provided free of charge.
  • Members may easily connect with other personal support workers in their area.
  • Unrestricted access to OPSWA staff whenever there is a question.
  • Members may also take advantage of various corporate discounts
  • Resume and cover letter writing services.
  • New or renewing members have the choice of adding liability insurance to their membership. InsurePSW is designed to protect the individual personal support worker and covers personal accidents and disability. 

This video provides further insight into benefits of becoming a member of OPSWA.

Perhaps best of all, membership in OPSWA signals to prospective employers that the individual is wholly committed to their career.

Since all OPSWA members must pass criminal background checks and possess all of the necessary credentials, employers can rest assured that they are hiring only the best personal support workers.

Potential employees who also carry their own liability insurance may further be more attractive to human resources managers, making it easier to get secure employment at an attractive salary.

Please click here, for more details on the type of benefits offered.

How to Register with OPSWA

Registration can be completed using the organization’s website. The online form requires basic identity and contact information as well as data concerning the applicant’s current employer.

Additionally, applicants must attach paperwork that includes a completed background check and a resume as well as any certificates held by the individual.

Currently, a fee of $120 is required at the time of filing the application.

Being a personal support worker is a fulfilling mission, but it’s a difficult task to carry all alone. By joining OPSWA, members enjoy the advantages of belonging to a professional association that helps to ensure they will always perform to the best of their abilities.

With educational services, access to social connections and a political platform from which to advocate for patient rights, personal support workers can demonstrate their commitment to reaching the pinnacle of their profession.


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  1. Please give me an idea of what I should pay my PSW for a sleep over respite care.
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