PSW Jobs at Nursing Homes in the Region of York

York region, the city above Toronto, is part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It covers a very large geographical area and includes many other towns and cities.

It neighbours the Region of Peel which comprises of the City of Brampton, Mississauga and Town of Caledon.  This region is densely populated with a growth rate of more than twenty two percent.

It has many Nursing Homes and Long Term Care homes which are an excellent source of employment for Personal Support Workers.

Below is the complete list of Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Homes in the Region of York.

List of Nursing Homes in York Region

Please click on the name of the home to go to the careers section of their website and explore the posted PSW positions.

Please note that some of the Nursing homes do not have a website. You may contact them either by phone or by visiting to enquire about how they accept applications for Personal Support Worker jobs.

Nursing homes are listed separately for each city or town that falls under this region.


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King City

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Please note that this list has two Nursing homes that are located in Unionville. Unionville is part of the City of Markham.

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North York

North York has three Nursing Homes that hire PSW’s.

One of them is Baycrest.

It is a unique facility that has a Nursing home and also a complex continuing care facility. They accept applications online only. On their website, you can create a profile and a job alert. Creating a job alert is a great way to be one of the first one to know about a PSW job opening that matches your profile.

Other two Nursing homes also hire Personal Support Workers.

Following are more details about these Nursing homes.

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Richmond Hill

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Sutton West

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