Key Differences: Resident Support Aide and Personal Support Worker

Resident Support Aide and fully funded PSW programs are the mainstays of Governments at various levels. 

One that enables you to become a Resident Support Aide and the other is to become a Personal Support Worker.

There are two programs that are being offered.

There are key differences between the two programs. 

Below is important information that makes these programs distinct. 

One particular program may suit you better than the other.

So, the information presented below will help you make an informed choice. 

(Please note that the facts and information provided in this post is current as of March 07, 2021. If you’re reading this at a future date, the programs may not be offered. You can contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions).

The Free PSW Program

Federally Sponsored

The Government of Canada, in partnership with Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan), is offering a PSW educational program at no cost to the student. 

This Government-funded free PSW program is to be rolled out in the spring of 2021. 

It is going to be offered completely online

The practical component of the course will be in person. 

The best thing is, you’ll be paid as you complete your practicum.

Provincially Sponsored

The provincial Government-sponsored accelerated PSW program is much larger and aims to train and recruit 6000 new PSW.

It will provide additional support to 2000 existing PSW students. 

The program is currently open and is accepting applications. 

You can click here to find out how you can register for this program. 

Key Differences

There is much confusion over the above-listed PSW and Resident Support Aide programs.

Many wonder which one is a better choice? 

Here are some key characteristics of both programs. 

The table below will provide you a better understanding and enable you in making an informed choice that suits you the best. 

Free PSW ProgramFree Resident Support Aide Program
Job TitlePersonal Support Worker (PSW)Resident Support Aide
Funded byGovernment of CanadaGovernment of Ontario
Mode of DeliveryOnlineOnline
Educational PrerequisitesNoneNone
Resident Status RequiredCanadian Citizen
Canadian Permanent Resident
Canadian Work Permit
Canadian Citizen
Canadian Permanent Resident
Canadian Work Permit
Healthcare BackgroundNot RequiredNot Required
CollegePublic or Private CollegeMediated by The Michener Institute of Education at UHN
Total Course Duration30 Weeks15 Hours
Duration of Theory6 week accelerated 15 hours
Duration of Practicum24 weeksNone
Paid Training24 week practicum is paid15 hours of online training is paid
Hourly SalaryUpwards of $22/hr$17/hr
Long-term care
Private care
Long-term care
Job StatusFull-time
Vulnerable Sector CheckRequired Required
How to ApplyRegistration to Open SoonMore Information

As you can see, there are some similarities however the two programs are quite different

The choice is yours and one might suit you better than the other. 

Hope this information clears the air around the two programs. 

If you still have questions, email me at [email protected] and I’ll be glad to answer your queries. 

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