Personal Support Worker Jobs at Almonte General Hospital

Almonte General Hospital (AGH) is a small community acute and continuing care hospital in close proximity to the Ottawa and Carleton County.

Fairview Manor, a long-term care facility is also managed by AGH.

Does AGH hire PSWs: Yes

Personal Support Workers are hired in both the hospital and the long-term care facility.

Under what title: Personal Support Worker

In which departments: Complex Continuing Care and the Fairview Long-Term Care Home

What type of positions are available: Casual, Part-time, Full-time

What is the pay rate: Varies


Personal Support Worker jobs at Almonte General Hospital involve the following responsibilities:

  • Demonstration of empathy and care.
  • Ensuring patient/resident safety, as well as the quality and excellence of care.
  • Meeting the job’s demands, both cognitive and physical.
  • Working effectively in a team environment, and showing respect to co-workers.
  • Effectively taking direction, and fully comprehending and abiding to procedures and policies.
  • Working in a manner that is in accordance with employee and patient/resident safety practices, and the organization’s policies and procedures.
  • Respecting and observing the organization’s Workplace Violence and Harassment policy.


Personal Support Worker jobs at Almonte General Hospital and for the Fairview Long-Term care home are posted online in the jobs section of the hospital website.

On the “jobs” page, current PSW positions open for hiring are listed under “Current Opportunities”.


For any position that is open for hiring, you can apply by emailing your résumé at the following email address:

[email protected]

Please ensure your résumé is well written and unique.

It is even better if you could include a well-targeted cover-letter

Also, ensure your email subject says something along the lines of Résumé for PSW position

AGH also accepts applications/résumés for any future job opportunities.

If you don’t see a current PSW job posting, you can still send your résumé to be considered for any future positions that come up.

Your résumé is kept in the database for six months.


Volunteers are an integral part of any healthcare organization and AGH is no acceptance.

Volunteers play a vital role in the hospital and at the Fairview Manor Long-Term Care home.

As a volunteer, you’ll be given some amount of training before you start your work.

This training and orientation to the facility would without a doubt be a major advantage in applying for a future paid job. 

Volunteers at Fairview Manor have several different options for what duties they will take on and carry out. 

You may read more about this at the Fairview Manor volunteering page.

Click here for more information on how to become a volunteer at AGH. 

Almonte General Hospital

75 Spring Street

Almonte, Ontario, KOA 1A0

Phone number: 613-256-2500

Fairview Manor
75 Spring Street

Almonte, Ontario, KOA 1A0
Phone number: 613-256-3113

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