5 Best FREE PSW Courses & Programs in Ontario, Canada

There are many organizations that provide free PSW training courses.

Despite being “free”, there may be some minimal fee involved for books, First aid courses, etc.

Long-term personal care homes in Canada, especially in the province of Ontario, have been the battleground for COVID-19. As a result, there has been and continues to be an extreme shortage.

In order to appreciate their hard work, the Government of Ontario recently announced a pay hike for PSWs.

There still remains a severe shortage of PSWs, especially in long-term care homes. In order to address this problem, some Ontario colleges are offering free PSW programs.

Each organization that provides such courses has its own eligibility criteria. Additionally, there may also be an entrance test for some programs.

Government Of Ontario’s Programs

The Ontario Government has introduced many initiatives.

Please note that these are time-sensitive courses. The information is current as of March 02, 2021. These courses may not be available if you’re reading this at a future date.   

Train and Recruit 373 PSWs

There is another provincially funded program of a smaller magnitude than the one mentioned above. 

Under this innovative training program, 373 students will be able to get free training and subsequent recruitment.

Resident Support Aide Program

Please note that a Resident Support Aide is not the same as a Personal Support Worker. 

There are key differences between the two

The information is included here because it is also a free program with a very short training. 

Catholic District School Board

Program cost – less than $1000

Orientation is mandatory and a literacy exam must be taken prior to registration.

Criminal record checks and other medical requirements must also be fulfilled.

For more information, call the Oshawa Campus at 905.438.0570 or the Ajax Campus at 905.683.7713

Thames Valley District School Board

Program cost: $1000

Information sessions must be attended and meet other prerequisites.

For more information, call the Thames Valley District School Board at 452-2660, ext. 69730.

Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto

Free Dementia Care training for PSW’s in Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Continuing education is a vital part of healthcare professions. Many avenues exist to attend free workshops, conferences and take courses.

One such organization is the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto.

Visit the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto to get more information.

Which Colleges are Offering the Accelerated PSW Training Program?

According to Global News, both Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario, and Trios College (which includes 3 of its 8 locations in Ontario) has teamed up with a company called ParaMed Home Health Care. 

Together, they have launched an accelerated 20-week free personal support worker program.

The PSW course is free for students because it is being funded by ParaMed and by government grants.

Are the Programs Online learning or in-person?

Programs include a combination of remote learning (virtual), in-person labs, and fieldwork placements at multiple healthcare locations across the region.

How Can One Apply?

Prospective students have to visit the website for each college and apply.

Conestoga College

To view the offering by Conestoga College click here. Since tuition coverage goes into effect in November 2020 and may not be listed on the webpage yet, email the personal support worker program contacts on the webpage to discuss the contract with ParaMed Home Health.

Conestoga College is also offering several sign-up incentives such as a $500 entrance award, free CPR and first aid certification, and free uniforms.

If you are reading this information at a future date, please note that these PSW incentives may not be available.

Please also note that the free personal support worker program may not be available at the time you come across this information.

It is best to check directly with the college.

Trios College

To view free offerings by Trios college click here.

Please note that intake for the courses may be limited or stopped at any time. Please contact the college to verify if there are still any spots left.

Do Applicants Need to Have a Healthcare Background?

At this time, personal support worker applicants are not required to have a background in healthcare in order to qualify for personal support worker program acceptance. 

The government is willing to assist interested persons in any way in completing their certification and solidifying the workforce.

Resources you’ll need to become a Personal Support Worker

On this page, you can find anything there is to know about how to become a personal support worker, how to succeed as one, and how to continue your education. This is the place to come to and look for all the PSW resources and information that you may need on your journey as a Personal Support Worker.

PSW job interview questions

If you’re determined to pass your next PSW interview with flying colors, we’re here to help. PSWHQ has put together a thorough experiential learning guide with PSW interview questions and appropriate sample answers to these questions that hit the target, and are concise and supportive.

Performing well in the interview is just one part of many others needed to secure a PSW Job. First and foremost, you’ll need to have an impeccable résumé and cover letter in order to be called for an interview. 

Guide to finding PSW jobs

After you have decided to become a Personal Support Worker and completed the course you are now at a point to start looking for work. It is important that you explore all the jobs listed under different job titles, which is why you should go through our ultimate guide to finding PSW jobs.

We also help you find PSW job postings from hospitals, long-term care homes, and community and private settings. 

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1. How much does it cost to become a PSW in Ontario?

The cost to become a PSW in Ontario is $1348.00. This includes the following costs:
-Administration Fee
-Capital Development Fee
-CSI Health Plan Fee

2. Do you need a high school diploma to be a PSW in Ontario?

In order to obtain your PSW certificate through a school board program, you do not need to have high school graduation. Many employers and college programs, on the other hand, need an OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma). A school board PSW accelerated program is an excellent way to acquire both a high school diploma and a career certificate at the same time while still in high school.

3. What does a PSW do in a hospital?

Some daily tasks performed by personal Support Workers (PSWs) are to assist in the care of patients. Lifting and turning patients, plan and prepare meals, cleaning and restocking patient bedsides, and assisting with the management of supplies and equipment are all responsibilities of this position.

4. How much do PSWs make in Ontario?

In addition, the median hourly income for this rewarding career in Ontario is $16.50 per hour. Personal Support Workers (PSWs) who work in city-owned nursing homes can earn as much as $22 per hour, and those who work in hospitals can earn roughly $23 per hour, according to Personal Support Workers HQ.

5. What qualifications do you need to be support worker?

To be a personal support worker, you need to have a caring nature and enjoy helping people. You also need to have good communication skills and be able to work with others.

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  1. Hi im genera arciento 29 years old ..i just want to ask about the psw because i want to study ..i graduated as a caregiver back home philippines i just want to know the requirements and the tuition fee..i want to know if i am eligible to study the psw ..thanks..

    • Genera, thanks for your comment.
      Two major outlets for completing your PSW diploma are the public and private colleges. Between them, there are significant differences in terms of cost and duration of the program.
      Click here to learn more about the cost and duration of completing this course at a college in Ontario.

  2. Hi, I a registered nurse in the Philippines and I wanted to know if there are schools or training centers in Oakville Ontario that offers PSW training/classes? I am currently working and if maybe they offer flexible schedules for their classes so that I can work and have classes during my free time.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi, I have moved to Toronto with a RN liscense (associates degree) from NYC. I would like to start as psw to set my foot into healthcare n eventually do my rpn. Do I still need to take the courses?

  4. Can you contact the Dufferin Peel Cathoic District School Board if they are still offering PSW Program for 2018-2019. I recently phoned Brian J. Fleming Adult Education Centre and the phone receptionist spoke that there was no PSW program offered at the moment. Please update your PSW program file if this school does not offer PSW program any longer.

  5. Hi! is there any catholic continuing education here nearby my place I live in Markham I’ve been looking a school for PSW with minimal fees.
    Thanks .

  6. Hi. I have been working as a UCP which does everything a PSW does plus meds and treatments in assisted living homes. What is my quickest way to obtain my PSW certificate

    • Mohammed…Government-funded PSW programs are for Canadian citizens and permanent residents only. Many other colleges however offer PSW programs for international students.

  7. I am in international student and would like to peruse PSW program . Will be considered for placements post completing my course ?

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