13 Google Strategies That Will Supercharge Your PSW Job Search

Google Search StrategiesIn today’s sometimes volatile job market it is very important to know as many tips and techniques as possible when it comes to looking for available jobs. 
Google is a very powerful part of one’s job search, and many job seekers don’t realize that the famous search engine can also assist them in a job search. 

Many candidates underestimate the power of Google while conducting a job search. 

This powerful search engine can help you research every aspect of the job, such as:

  • The job description,
  • Salary,
  • Organizations, and much more.

You see, Personal Support Worker (PSW) is one of the most important member of the interdisciplinary team within the Ontario healthcare system.

This position is an integral part of healthcare in Ontario. 

In short, PSWs work in a wide variety of healthcare settings such as hospitals, long-term care and community healthcare settings. 

When looking for this type of position, there are many tips and techniques that can help you find that perfect job.

If you are in the process of looking for a new position as a PSW, take a look at the thirteen techniques to use with Google search that will assist you greatly in your search. 

There are many different ways in which to search for available jobs through the Google search engine, and these are just a few of the best. 


One simple way to search is to enclose the job title around quotation marks

If you just type in the words Personal Support Worker Jobs, then Google will pull up everything with those four words in it because it thinks there is an “and” between every word. 

Should you put quotations around certain words, this will only pull up searches that include the exact phrase. 

Here’s an example:

Personal Support Worker Jobs

With this search, Google will pull up everything with the exact words of “Personal Support Worker.” 

Be creative and think of different terms to use, such as: 

“PSW jobs”,

“PSW careers”,

“Personal Support Worker jobs in Toronto”,

“PSW jobs in Toronto”,

“PSW positions” and many more.

Now is the time to brainstorm and make a list of all the different possible searches.  This list will come in handy as you go through the rest of the tips and techniques.


It is also important to search several different variations of the job title so you ensure that you don’t miss anything.  This can be as detailed, or not detailed, as you want.

Each different search will yield different results. 

Before beginning your job search, think about the many different variations such as the following examples.  For one, you can simply type in the full job title, Personal Support Worker jobs, as shown here:     

Personal Support Worker Jobs

You can also type in PSW jobs as shown here:

PSW Jobs

Or, if you want to look for a job in a particular city, you could use this search query:

PSW Jobs in Toronto

Another excellent tip is to search by using the word “job” or “jobs” first.  Use the terms in different places in the phrase as this can also result in more choices. 

In addition, using plural words will also gauge different results. 

Basically, you can use any variation of the words to pull up several options.  So take the terms you have in your initial list and switch them around to find even more results.


Using the words EITHER/OR in all caps will also yield different results. 

When using this popular technique, it is extremely important to use all caps when typing EITHER/OR so the results will show all of the pages that contain any of those terms. 

In order for Google to understand your query, it has to be in all caps; otherwise, the search engine won’t know to separate the two terms and will actually pull up everything with the word “or” in it as well as the other words used.

Personal Support Worker Jobs in Toronto OR Montreal

This is an excellent way to search for jobs in different cities or different types of organizations.  Use your imagination and search various terms until you come up with the most amount of search results.


Believe it or not, the asterisk can be a very important part of your job search.  This is what is commonly known as the “wild card” of Google search. 

If you are not sure the exact words you should use in your search, then you can simply insert an asterisk in the place of the word.

As used in the example below, placing an asterisk before “PSW jobs Toronto” will pull up the results of all types of different PSW jobs in Toronto. 

In order for this type of search to work correctly, you have to be sure to put a space on both sides of the asterisk

PSW Jobs Toronto

Other search possibilities include:

PSW jobs * Toronto

Personal Support Worker careers * Toronto

There are many different ways to search using an asterisk, so be sure to try every different variation you can think of. 

There is no such thing as using too many different search phrases or terms because the more you search, the more job possibilities you are going to come up with.


This particular search will tell Google to identify different options that might have not come up in other searches. 

This technique is useful if you are unsure of what word you want to use. 

In order to use this search option, you simply insert the tilde symbol before the term(s). 

Below is an example of a search if you are looking for a PSW job:

PSW Jobs 1

Always remember that for this particular search to work correctly, there must not be a space between the tilde and the word, and the tilde must always be inserted before the words. 

Other examples include:

~Personal Support Worker jobs

~Personal Support Worker careers

~PSW jobs Ontario

~PSW careers Toronto

This Google search gives you great flexibility, so think of as many different variations that you can and you will be surprised at the amount of great results you will get in return.


If you want to find a Personal Support Worker position at a particular organization such as a hospital, you have the capability to ask Google to search words on the hospital website.  

Here’s an example:

Searching particular websires

As you can see, we searched for Personal Support Worker jobs on the University Health Network (UHN) website. 

This sample search will pull up these type of jobs in the UHN which includes:

  • Toronto General Hospital,
  • Toronto Western,
  • Princess Margaret, and
  • Toronto Rehab. 

This is an excellent example of what Google search can do for you when looking for employment because it allows for a lot of flexibility in your search. 

You can also search specific websites for a particular term or phrase

Here’s an example:

Searching particular websites 1

There are many ways to search for particular websites, such as:

site: site:www.hrrh.on.ca jobs

site: site:www.hrrh.on.ca careers

site: site:www.hrrh.on.ca (careers OR jobs)

site: site:www.hrrh.on.ca (~careers OR ~jobs)

Keep in mind that this type of Google search is a bit more complicated, and depending on the potential employer’s website, you may not be able to pull up any information, or you may only be able to pull up a small result.  This search is dependent on how the employer has its website set up; however, it can be a great search option.


There are many different scenarios in which you may want to avoid certain words or phrases. 

A great example is if you are looking for a Personal Support Worker Job in Toronto, but you don’t want to work for a certain employer. 

In this case, you just simply put a dash directly in front of the word or phrase you want to avoid

For example:

Avoiding certain words

The most important thing to remember with this Google search is to never put a space between the dash and the word, or you won’t pull up the results you are looking for. 


Using a combination of several different Google search techniques is an excellent way to pull up some great results. 

You can use all of the tips you’ve learned here and combine them with each other to find even more great opportunities that are available for you.

For example, you could use an asterisk and the words EITHER/OR:

Using a combination of Google search techniques 1

This particular search query will pull up Personal Support Worker positions in Toronto or Montreal only.

On the other hand, if you want to search for a Personal Support Worker position in Toronto or Montreal, but you don’t want to work for a certain company, you can use this search:

Using a combination of Google search techniques

When you combine different techniques that you have learned it really gives you great flexibility during your job search, and you will be a step ahead of the competition. 


One Google search that many people don’t normally think about is to look at a PSW job description and use terms that are found there. 

Another important tip is to search for words, in quotations such as “submit your resume” and it will sometimes take you directly to a job description and page to apply for the position. 

See this example:

Adding terms from Job description

This is another search tip that is dependent on how the potential employer has its web site set up, but you will be surprised at how many extra results you will find when adding different terms that can be found in a job description.


One important tip that many people don’t think about doing is to set up a Google Alert with the job title. 

With this feature, Google will send you an email with the results on a daily basis. 

This is a great time saving technique, but you don’t want to rely on this only.  It is vital to your job search to use all of the different search tips that you have learned. 

Setting up a Google Alert will always keep you one step ahead of the competition because you will immediately be notified of jobs that have just been posted on various job boards. 

This is also an excellent tool to use if you want to watch the news of a particular employer or industry you are interested in. 

This can help you in the long run if you get an interview with one of these companies.  It is important to know what is going on in your employers and industry of choice.

You can set up as many Google Alerts that you want at one time.  Doing so will guarantee that you will be one of the first candidates to know about the newest job postings.


Simply using the right search words is essential when it comes to Google search. 

This may seem like a silly thing to point out, but many people don’t know how to use search engines in the correct ways. 

In fact, knowing the right terms to search will make all the difference in the world when it comes what  type of results you’ll get.   

If you simply use the words found in the job title when it comes to a job search, there is really no way to go wrong, and when used with different tips and techniques found here, you will be on your way to finding the perfect job in no time.


Another great way to look for available positions is to do a search that will look all across the web. 

This type of search will more than likely yield a large amount of results;


there are many ways that this is an excellent tool to use. 

For instance, since you are looking for a Personal Support Worker position, you can use this search:

Searching accross the web

If you want to search for a particular area, you can also search this way:

Searching accross the web 1


Google Local is a great way to search any Personal Support Worker positions that are at a facility near you. 

The steps are simple:

  1. Go to local.google.com
  2. Type in the area where you live (there is also an interactive map you can use)
  3. Type in “hospitals”

Google Local will then pull up all of the different hospitals in your area. 

This is a good technique to use if you have just relocated to a new area and you are looking for potential employers in the area. 

Even though this type of search won’t pull up actual jobs, it can assist you greatly in your search.


When conducting a job search, it is very important to know all of the different tips and tricks you can use. 

Google is the most popular search engines on the Internet, and it can be used to immensely help in your job search.

Once you have the job title that you are searching for, write down all of the different variations of the words. 

You can greatly improve a Google search by simply adding or removing certain terms.  Think like a recruiter and make a list of key words that may be used in the job title and/or job description. 

Keep in mind that job titles are going to vary depending on the employer and industry.  Many times there are several different variations of job titles. 

Since there are many ways in which to search Google for PSW jobs, and since there are many different types of tips and techniques, be sure to remember what works for you. 

First of all, be sure to use as many different searches and combinations to see what works best for your particular situation. 

Once you have a search that provides great results, simply copy and paste them and save the searches in a file so you can use them again in the future.

Using any or all of these tips and techniques will allow you to easily search for your next position. 

Many job seekers underestimate the power of Google search and all of the different search capabilities available. 

If you are looking for a new position, Google searches are one of the first things you should be doing.

It allows you to research all of the different facets of the position and industry and will set you apart when it comes to all the other candidates.

Searches in Google are endless, especially when you use the tips in combination with each other.  The Google search engine is an underestimated tool when it comes to job searches. 

The great flexibility will undoubtedly help all PSW’s looking for a job.

Good luck!

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